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mocquard              schmidti              laticeps              microps              nigripes              nasuta              steindachneri              signatus              bifasciatus              pulchellus              lunulatus              depressus              ocellata              guentheri              helleri              taeniata              maculosus              limbata              werneri              rostratus              kivuensis              striolatus              macrops              robinsoni              aequatorialis              nigriventris              constrictus              smithi              cincta              cinerascens              loveridgei              celebensis              granulatus              taeniatus              ugandae              decorata              fenestratus              wilsoni              vittatus              petersii              nigerrimus              namaquensis              carpenteri              oculatus              albolineatus              albopunctatus              lugubris              schoutedeni              cognatus              convexus             

Examples of "petersi"
Several neotropical amphibians and reptiles are named after him, including "Anadia petersi", "Gonatodes petersi", "Helicops petersi", "Micrurus petersi", "Riama petrorum", "Sibynomorphus petersi", and "Tantilla petersi".
Wilhelm Peters is commemorated in the scientific names of several species of reptiles, including "Amphiesma petersii", "Anolis petersii", "Geophis petersii", "Leposternon petersi", "Morenia petersi", "Riama petrorum", and "Tracheloptychus petersi".
"Engystomops petersi" is locally threatened by habitat loss.
Sepietta petersi, also known as the Mysterious Bobtail, is a species of bobtail squid native to the Mediterranean Sea. A doubtful record of "S. petersi" also exists from the Atlantic Ocean off Morocco.
"S. petersi" has been described as a doubtful species and was considered a senior synonym of "Sepietta obscura" by Kir Nesis. A redescription of "S. petersi" and "S. obscura" is needed to determine the status of these two taxa.
The Indian eyed turtle ("Morenia petersi" ) is a species of turtle endemic to South Asia.
The Peters's pipistrelle ("Falsistrellus petersi") is a species of vesper bat in the family Vespertilionidae.
Eupithecia petersi is a moth in the Geometridae family. It is found in Tanzania.
The Peters' robber frog ("Pristimantis petersi") is a species of frog in the family Craugastoridae.
The specific name, "petersi", is in honor of Wilhelm Peters (1815–1883), a German herpetologist.
Engystomops petersi (common name: Peters' dwarf frog) is a species of frog in the Leptodactylidae family.
Philautus petersi is a species of frog in the family Rhacophoridae.
"M. petersi" is found in northeastern India (as far west as Bihar) and in Bangladesh.
"Charaxes petersi" is a member of the large species group "Charaxes etheocles".
The specific name, "petersi", is in honour of German herpetologist Wilhelm Peters (1815–1883).
Atelopus petersi is a species of toad in the family Bufonidae.
The specific name, "petersi", is in honor of German herpetologist Wilhelm Peters, who is the author of this genus.
"Plasmodium georgesi", "Plasmodium petersi" and "Plasmodium gonderi" are the only "Plasmodium" species found to date (2008) in "Cercocebus" monkeys.
The holotype of this species is specimen ZMB 7842, that of "C. petersi" is specimen BM 1902.5.27.24.
AmphibiaWeb also lists "Hyalinobatrachium petersi" and "Hyalinobatrachium lemur" but these have been synonymized in the Amphibian Species of the World.