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Petra Krejsová (born 30 June 1990) is a Czech tennis player.
Jocelyn Rae / Jade Windley def. Jana Jandová / Petra Krejsová, 6–3, 5–7, [10–4]
Laura Thorpe and Stephanie Vogt won the title, defeating Petra Krejsová and Tereza Smitková in the final, 7–6, 7–5.
Petra Krejsová and Tereza Smitková won the tournament, defeating Michaëlla Krajicek and Aleksandra Krunić in the final, 1–6, 7–6, [11–9].
Petra Krejsová and Tereza Smitková were the defending champions, but Krejsová chose to participate at the 2015 Hardee's Pro Classic whilst Smitková chose not to participate.
Johanna Konta and Maria Sanchez won the title, defeating the second seeds Paula Cristina Gonçalves and Petra Krejsová in the final, 6–3, 6–4.