Synonyms for peult or Related words with peult

tient              celui              aimais              veut              avait              vostre              peuvent              soyons              disait              aurais              aimerai              souvent              devenu              prend              mieux              autrier              maitea              revenir              trouver              voulu              avoue              voulais              rendre              souffrir              pieux              pourrais              guere              douces              pajexko              pierrefontaine              veulent              donc              copain              retourne              gutaz              importe              oublier              tiens              regarde              raconte              soient              regarder              vouloir              vraiment              aurez              foule              voulait              enfin              voyez              faute             

Examples of "peult"
The school's motto is "Qui veult peult" (Norman French:'Those who want to, can').
Ou qui veult le premier point peult signiffier million Le second point byllion Le tiers point tryllion Le quart quadrillion Le cinq quyllion Le six sixlion Le sept. septyllion Le huyt ottyllion Le neuf nonyllion et ainsi des ault' se plus oultre on vouloit preceder
Szadek's surviving music was all written for the male voices of his choir. It is in a style equivalent to the work of the late Franco-Flemish school. Of his writing Reese observes that he "shows talent for melodic line, but his polyphonic technique is unresourceful." Much of his writing is homophonic. One of his two masses is based on a chanson by Thomas Crecquillon – "Pis ne me peult venir", and is of the parody type. The other is also a parody mass, and based on a Christmas carol.
Letters between Granvelle, at that time in Madrid, and his secretary Morillon in Brussels show that Jacques Jonghelinck, master medal maker with a workshop in one of the buildings of the palace complex in Brussels, in the spring of 1566 had made a mould for a small medal. Successively he cast medals in lead, tin, copper, silver or gold (specimens in tin or copper now are unknown; a very few specimens in lead are found, but because lead is inherently soft - so the medal is not "stable", its eyelet is of questionable authenticity - lacking proof that they are real originals and not later date copies). On June 15 Morillon sent a lead specimen to Granvelle with the sneer that more medals were cast in lead then in the other metals; a medal for poor people “affin peult-estre gue les Geutz demeurent en leur qualité”, something like “perhaps the quality (of the medals) being in line with the standing of the Geuzen”.
One night, the figure of a man appeared at Baillie's bedside. He claimed to be John Story, whom Baillie knew to be in the Tower awaiting execution. In reality the figure was that of a traitor of the name of Parker, but Baillie fell into the trap with the same facility as before. On Parker's advice he endeavoured to gain credit with Burghley by deciphering the substituted letters of the bishop of Ross. He revealed also the story of the abstracted packet, and sought to persuade Burghley to grant him his liberty by offering to watch the correspondence of the bishop of Ross. That he gained nothing by following the advice of his second friendly counsellor is attested by an inscription in the Beauchamp Tower as follows: 'Principium eapientie Timor Domini, I. H. S. X. P. S. Be friend to no one. Be enemye to none. Anno D. 1571, 10 Septr. The most unhappy man in the world is he that is not pacient in adversities; for men are not killed with the adversities they have, but with ye impacience which they suffer. Tout vient apoient, quy peult attendre. Gli sospiri ne son testimoni veri dell' angolcia mia, aet. 29. Charles Bailly.'