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Examples of "pfeifenberger"
Pfeifenberger was hired as the new coach of Wiener Neustadt on 30 May 2012. He left the club on 12 November 2014. On 25 November 2015, Pfeifenberger was unveiled as the new manager of Wolfsberger AC, replacing Dietmar Kühbauer.
In this function he pointed out in an article in 1995, that the political scientist Werner Pfeifenberger had used ""Nazi tones"" in the yearbook of the freedom party academy. Karl Pfeifer said that Pfeifenberger had played the Nazi regime down and accused the Jews for being responsible for Hitler's war in 1933. Afterwards Pfeifer got sued by Pfeifenberger and acquitted in two instances. When in 2000 the Vienna public prosecutor brought charges of re-Nazi activity against Pfeifenberger, he committed suicide. The editor of the right magazine ""ZurZeit"", Andreas Mölzer, called Pfeifer then in a press release to its subscribers, to be part of a ""hunting party"" which had Pfeifenberger driven into suicide – The ""Jewish journalist"" had released the ""legal avalanche against Pfeifenberger "". In consequence of that Pfeifer sued for compensation and has now turned to the Austrian courts. On 15 November 2007 Pfeifer got under article 8 of the European Court of Human Rights right adjudicated – at the same time, the Republic of Austria was convicted to pay € 5,000 compensation for the failure of the courts.
Heimo Pfeifenberger (born 29 December 1966) is an Austrian former professional footballer and now manager. Since November 2015 he is the head coach of Wolfsberger AC.
Otto Konrad, Herbert Ilsanker – Christian Fürstaller, Leo Lainer, Peter Artner, Wolfgang Feiersinger – Thomas Winklhofer, Hermann Stadler, Franz Aigner, Adi Hütter, Tomislav Kocijan, Mladen Mladenović, Arnold Freisegger, Martin Hiden – Heimo Pfeifenberger, Martin Amerhauser, Nikola Jurčević, Eduard Glieder, Ralph Hasenhüttl, Klaus Dietrich, Dejan Računica, Helmut Rottensteiner, Gerhard Struber – Manager: Otto Barić
Pfeifenberger made his debut for Austria in an August 1989 World Cup qualification match against Iceland and was a participant at the 1990 FIFA World Cup and the 1998 FIFA World Cup. He earned 40 caps, scoring nine goals. His last international was an August 1998 friendly match against France.
Born in Styria, Sabitzer started his professional career at Alpine Donawitz and scored 9 goals for them in his debut Bundesliga season. That earned him a move to SV Casino Salzburg where he formed a successful strike partnership with Heimo Pfeifenberger before losing his place to Nikola Jurčević. The burly striker moved to LASK Linz and subsequently missed out on the 1994 UEFA Cup Final which Salzburg lost to Internazionale. In 1995 he joined Grazer AK and scored a career-record 15 goals in the 1997/1998 season, earning him a move back to Salzburg. He then lost the Austrian Cup Final in 2000, ironically losing to GAK.
On club level Pfeifenberger played for USV Zederhaus (youth career), Austria Salzburg, Werder Bremen, Rapid Wien, SV Seekirchen 1945 and SV Grödig. He celebrated most success at Austria Salzburg. In 1994 and 1995, he won the league title and the Austrian Supercup with Salzburg. He played in the first leg of the 1994 UEFA Cup Final which they lost to Inter Milan. In the Austrian 1993–94 season, he became Bundesliga top scorer with 14 goals. In total he scored 74 goals for Salzburg and 43 for Rapid, making him one of the best goalscorers in the Austrian league.