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Examples of "phiharmonic"
Premiere: June 27, 1996, Ruse Phiharmonic Orchestra, Ruse, Bulgaria, Tsanko Delibozov; Cond. Rec. VMM CD 3038, Ruse Philharmonic Orchestra, Delibosov
The emergence of Sheffield Phiharmonic Chorus stems from an amalgamation of two pre-existing Sheffield musical organisations in the 1930s, the Amateur Musical Society and Sheffield Musical Union.
1. Mozart: "Le nozze di Figaro" (as Susanna) with Lisa della Casa, Cesare Siepi, and Erich Kleiber (conductor); Vienna State Opera Chorus and Vienna Phiharmonic Orchestra; rec.1955 (Decca)
Caballé-Domenech’s 2016/17 Season includes Wagner’s Der Fliehende Holländer, Puccini’s Tosca and Bartok’s Bluebards Castle in Halle, Barcelona Symphony Orchestra among several symphonic debuts in China, Taipei and Germany. In February a concert with Yo Yo Ma will mark the 90th Anniversary Gala of the Colorado Springs Phiharmonic Orchestra.
The building is a 18m high regular structure with dimensions of 35m by 45m, reminding willingly the features of the Warsaw Phiharmonic building rebuilt at the same period (1955). The main elevation is mounted on a pedestal. The central part of the frontage displays a two-storey high colonnade, joined at its bottom by baluster railings. Facades are topped with attic style cornices with wire mesh walls. Terraces are available between each facade colonnades.
The film-and-orchestra concert Bugs Bunny on Broadway, subsequently called "Bugs Bunny at the Symphony," has played the Hollywood Bowl a record 21 times—19 times with the Los Angeles Phiharmonic, and twice with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, all conducted by George Daugherty. In September 2003, "Bugs Bunny On Broadway" was the final Los Angeles Philharmonic concert to be performed in the 1928 shell before its demolition started the following day, making way for the new shell.
Lashanska first appeared with the New York Philharmonic on November 27, 1910, where she sang Franz Liszt's "Die Lorelei" with the orchestra conducted by Walter Damrosch. Her last appearance with the Phiharmonic was November 22, 1936 at Lewisohn Stadium where she sang an aria by George Frideric Handel and songs by Hugo Wolf under conductor John Barbirolli. An unnamed critic wrote "Her singing merited praise for tonal quality and mellowness along with understanding of the moods of the music. Certain outstanding high notes were somewhat vibratory, but her voice was satisfactory in volume for the taxing requirements of outdoor performance and, for the most part, produced with ample fluency."
As a composer, Maestro Mercurio’s compositions include songs, chamber works, and pieces for large orchestra. “For Lost Loved Ones,” was given its world premiere by Zubin Mehta and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. His composition, “Mercurial Overture,” was given its world premiere by the Oslo Phiharmonic in a concert telecast honoring the Nobel Peace Prize winners with Maestro Mercurio conducting. Maestro Mercurio recently completed his first symphony titled, “A Grateful Tail,” based on American playwright Eugene O’Neill’s “Last Will and Testament of Silverdene Emblem O’Neill.” It will be premiered in 2013 and will feature a performance of the third movement by Academy Award-winning actor and singer, F. Murray Abraham at the Prague Proms.
Brute Force may be best known for a song that barely saw a release. "The King of Fuh", a song written by Friedland, produced by The Tokens, prominently including a double entendre, referring repeatedly to the Fuh King, a King in the Land of Fuh, The record was admired by Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon. Harrison acquired the track, produced by The Tokens in New York City, and overdubed 11 strings of the London Phiharmonic Orchestra, arranged by John Barham. After learning that partner EMI and Capitol in the USA would never distribute the single, Apple Records pressed and distributed 1,000 copies in 1969 (catalogue number Apple 08). John Lennon and Yoko visited Ken Mansfield, US manager of Apple Records, advocating its release in the USA, and called him a "tight a**ed censor..." for not agreeing to distribute the single, (pg 212, "The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay," by Mansfield). In the early 70s after the initial Apple pressing and release to friends and media, and no radio play, Friedland teamed up with Jeff Cheen and issued the record on Brute Force Records with an alternate B Side, ""Tapeworm Of Love"", in its original doo-wop version, which received airplay on the Dr. Demento radio show. More recently (2005), the Revola label issued both "King of Fuh" and its original B side ("Nobody Knows") as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of the BT Puppy Records "Extemporaneous".There is a piano/voice rendition on "Extemporaneous". In 2010, "King of Fuh" was released by Apple Records on their first "best of" compilation album, "." In 2012 the first cover of "King of Fuh" by the group Felonius Bosch was released on Omnium Records on the album "Phenomena." The song also is on The Bar-None Records reissue of Columbia/Sony "I, Brute Force, Confections of Love". and on RPM Records, "Lovers From The Sky".