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Examples of "pickled_egg"
Scatter have released music on the Pickled Egg Records, Cenotaph, and Blank Tapes record labels.
The "Manchester Egg" is a modern variant of the Scotch egg. It features Lancashire black pudding encasing a pickled egg.
"By Chance Upon Waking" is the debut album by Nalle. The album was released in 2006 on the Pickled Egg Records label.
Nalle have released music on Pickled Egg Records, Locust Music and have also released a track on Singing Knives Records. Their debut album, "By Chance Upon Waking" has received favourable reviews thus far from publications such as Trouser Press and PopMatters.
Pickled Egg Records is a UK independent record label founded in Leicester in 1998 by Nigel Turner. It has dedicated itself to redressing the world’s musical balance in favour of quirky genius, bent tunefulness, noisy playfulness, jazz turmoil and inventive retro-futurism. Distribution is through Cargo.
Several local variations exist. The Manchester egg uses a pickled egg wrapped in a mixture of pork meat and Lancashire black pudding, and the Worcester Egg uses an egg pickled in Worcestershire sauce and clad in a mixture of local sausage meat and white pudding.
Ela Orleans returned to Warsaw in 2000. She continued to work with Hassle Hound, collaborated with German composer Marcus Schmickler and also began to create solo material. The UK indie Pickled Egg Records released "Scaring the Grass in the Garden", the debut album from Hassle Hound, in 2002. The next year, experimental French label Textile Records released a split EP with Hassle Hound and the Australian duo Sun, comprising multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi and composer Chris Townsend.
Rejected Unknown is a 2001 album by acclaimed outsider musician Daniel Johnston. The title references the decision by Atlantic Records to drop him from the label after the commercial failure of his only major-label album, 1994's "Fun". "Rejected Unknown" was produced by Austin producer and former Glass Eye member Brian Beattie. A 7-inch limited edition EP called "Dream Scream", featuring that song and "Funeral Girl", was released in 1998 on Pickled Egg Records.
Oddfellows Casino are an English band signed to the Pickled Egg Records label. They currently have four albums available: "Yellow-bellied Wonderland", "Winter Creatures", "The Raven's Empire" and "The Water Between Us". An album comprising alternative versions of previously released tracks as well as cover versions, "Dust", was released in 2016. They also have two singles; "Giant Redwoods" / "Put the Bird to Sleep" and "The Absence Of Birds". Their name comes from a Victorian freak show that once toured the British Isles. Its founder, Ambrose Oddfellow, was said to have sported a rather flamboyant moustache.
Since 2000 the city has once more seen a notable upsurge in the success of the local music scene. Several Leicester musicians and/or acts have received considerable media attention in their fields since 2003–2004. Kasabian, followed by Pacific Ocean Fire, The Displacements, Kyte, Maybeshewill and Neon Sarcastic have all risen from the city to national attention. The Go! Team were first signed to local label Pickled Egg Records, other Leicester musicians feature in notable national and questionably international bands such as; Fun Lovin' Criminals, Happy Mondays, The Holloways, Envy & Other Sins, and A Hawk and a Hacksaw.
Before becoming a professional actor in the 1980s, Menning worked in a number of positions within the entertainment industry, including a still photographer, grip, gaffer and lighting technician. His television credits included "Yes, Dear", "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" (in the episode "Pancake Madness") "In Case of Emergency" and portrayed a homeless man called Pickled Egg Guy in "My Name Is Earl". In film, Menning appeared in Mel Brooks' 1991 movie "Life Stinks", portrayed another homeless man in "Speedway Junky", and a blind stagehand in the 2006 thriller, "The Prestige", directed by Christopher Nolan.
The music video for the song is quite comical and features fast motion at times. It starts out with keyboardist Tony Hymas arriving and taking out a "roll out" keyboard from his case applying it onto the piano to play. It then moves onto lead singer Jim Diamond who is a butcher chopping meat and dancing with a pig that has a number on it as he would be with "Suzi" when they go ballroom dancing which then features a judge who appears constantly with two scorecards. It moves onto Suzi who is at a salon getting her hair done and decides to dance with a hairdryer surprising the salonist. It then shows Diamond with his tux on, ironing his trousers with steam arising. When he looks into the mirror, a picture of the guy he imagines he would be at the dance appears, this is also the same with Suzi. It then features the stylist (who is presumably Ruby in the song) eating a pickled egg with a cold cuts fork (this is used as a running gag throughout the video). Suzi then picks up her dress from drummer Mark Craney in the closet, with the judge appearing from the hamper. Diamond arrives to pick up Suzi who comes running to his motorcycle with the trailer somehow gotten unhitched. Suzi then is seen riding behind Diamond on the motorcycle as they arrive at Hammersmith Palais featuring other ballroom dancers. Ruby, who is the saxophonist quickly arrives at the hall trying to blow into the sax which is clogged by a pickled egg which amuses her and eats it and continues her solo. The re occurring judge gives them a 10 as they have won. As Suzi approaches the stage in a dignified manner, the prize is a jar of pickled eggs with the other dancers leaving in dismay. And the video ends with Hymas rolling out his keyboard from the piano back to his case and leaving the stage.
In a parody of the 1996 American body horror film "Thinner" Homer is cursed by a gypsy after destroying her fortune teller office. The curse soon takes effect, with Marge growing a beard from her blue hair, Lisa turning into a centaur, Bart’s neck becoming long and floppy as a result of Homer strangling him, Maggie becoming a ladybug with a human head, Lenny and Carl crushed by a helicopter, and Moe stuffed into his own pickled egg jar (with Homer wondering how that happened). Homer sets out to find a leprechaun to end the curse. Homer uses Lucky Charms cereal as bait to get the leprechaun, eventually finding one after picking through a group of other magical creatures. Homer takes the leprechaun home, but it is extremely hyperactive and it runs amok. Homer takes the leprechaun to the gypsy’s office and sics it on her. The leprechaun and gypsy fight, but their struggles soon turn into passionate kissing and fondling, much to Homer's disgust. The leprechaun and the gypsy marry in a ceremony (led by Yoda) attended by other gypsies and mythical creatures, as well as the Simpson family. Homer remarks that everything ended happily, but a now fully hair covered Marge reminds him that Bart committed suicide by drowning in his cereal, and that the gypsy said apologizing will bring him back to life. Homer refuses, saying, "She's not the boss of me!".
Homer and Sideshow Bob go to Moe's Tavern, where a hand, holding a gun, appears at the door and fires at Homer, but it hits and shatters Moe's pickled egg jar. The person gets away in a tow truck. Sideshow Bob suggests that Homer should stay home and out of sight to be safe, but he is told that he was named the King of the Springfield Mardi Gras, in which he must ride on a float for the whole day. Sideshow Bob discovers that Homer won because someone filled the ballot box with ballots listing Homer's name, all in the same handwriting, but Homer takes part in the parade anyway in hopes of luring out his attempted killer. At the parade, Sideshow Bob learns that Homer's engine is having a problem due to the repair by the mechanic (the brake line is cut), and draws a correlation between the wrench used to lock Homer in the steam room, the wrenches in the tow truck, a smudge on the spa invitation, and the tow truck driver (Junior). He saves Homer by getting fired out of a cannon, and grabbing Homer with his huge feet slipped under Homer's arm-pits, just before the float crashes into the Museum of Swordfish. Homer and Sideshow Bob end up giving chase to the killer, who is found out to be, indeed, Junior, Homer's mechanic. He admits his name is Frank Grimes Jr., and blames Homer for his father's death. When Homer questions how Junior could be Frank Grimes' son since he never married, Junior explains that his father "happened to like hookers." Junior attempts to kill Homer, but is foiled when the police arrive. Lisa thought it was Bumblebee Man, but she was wrong. Chief Wiggum places Grimes Jr. under arrest and has Sideshow Bob tranquilized with a dart.