Synonyms for picteti or Related words with picteti

mocquard              ignobilis              peracca              goudotii              impressus              rostratus              souleyet              denticollis              denticulatus              excellens              illiger              longidens              werneri              madagascarensis              petersii              oblita              adspersa              leucozona              coriaceus              depressus              troschel              boettgeri              coarctatus              schmidti              marianae              convexus              longispina              oblongus              laticeps              perty              costatus              morelet              longisetus              brevicornis              alboguttata              sarasinorum              psammophila              cuspidatus              ablepharus              pedestris              brevispina              kiesenwetter              erichsoni              errans              mantidactylus              longicollis              guttulata              clandestinus              inflatus              nigriventris             

Examples of "picteti"
Ameles picteti is a species of praying mantis found in Algeria, Sicily, and Spain.
A species of Malagasy snake, "Elapotinus picteti", is named in his honor.
Pterozonium picteti, is a species of millipede in the family Siphonophoridae. It is endemic to Sri Lanka.
Idiosepius picteti is a species of bobtail squid native to the Indo-Pacific waters off eastern Indonesia.
The specific name or epithet, "picteti", is in honor of François Jules Pictet de la Rive, a Swiss zoologist and palaeontologist.
Elapotinus is a monotypic genus created for the rear-fanged species, Elapotinus picteti, found in Madagascar. It is also known as Jan's snake in honor of Giorgio Jan. No subspecies are currently recognized.
Dorsally Elapotinus picteti is blackish, with a white upper lip and a white occipital collar. It has a white lateral line on either side. Ventrally it is brown, with the outer ends of the ventrals and adjacent first row of dorsal scales white.