Synonyms for pieren or Related words with pieren

tritscher              giovanoli              hangl              pramotton              gaspoz              kirchler              mahrer              runggaldier              grothkopp              zadrobilek              pfaffenbichler              totschnig              schonenberg              wiesinger              schwaier              dorfer              roetschmatthias              frommelt              ofner              reiterer              zellhofer              nierhoff              kokslienmagnus              stadlober              stangassinger              lafranchi              thurnbichler              galuba              bormolini              wohllebe              lodziewski              schwienbacher              niederseer              dumeng              meierdomenico              vonlanthen              grogorenz              bourgeat              wadoux              jacobfrank              gstrein              balkenhol              robeiri              lontscharitsch              soelito              renoth              trinkl              bleiner              polig              pfaler             

Examples of "pieren"
Hans Pieren (born 23 January 1962) is a Swiss former alpine skier who competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics and 1992 Winter Olympics.
Meerle is a village in the Belgian municipality of Hoogstraten. As of 2005, it has about 3,836 inhabitants. Because of a local story the inhabitants of Meerle where also given the nickname "de mjeelse pieren".
In the 1990s, Hagen lived in Paris with her daughter Cosma Shiva and son Otis. In 1991 she toured Europe in support of her new album "Street". In 1992 Hagen became the host of a TV show on RTLplus. Also in the same year (1992) she collaborated with Adamski on the European smash and minor UK hit single "Get Your Body". The following year, she released "Revolution Ballroom". In 1994, Hagen starred in the acclaimed San Francisco Goethe Institut's "The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber", playing the singer version of "Anita" alongside dancer Jennifer Pieren who portrayed the other "professions" of "Anita". Also, her voice was heard on the Freaky Fukin Weirdoz single "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick". 1995 brought the German-language album "Freud Euch" appeared, recorded in English as "BeeHappy" in 1996. Nina returned to San Francisco to star in another San Francisco Goethe Institut show, "Hannusen, Hitler's Jewish Clarvoyant". Hagen also collaborated with electronic music composer Christopher Franke, along with Rick Palombi (credited as Rick Jude) on "Alchemy of Love", the theme song for the film "Tenchi Muyo! in Love".