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Examples of "pierre_lacocque"
Pierre Lacocque and his band, Mississippi Heat, recorded a live DVD at Rosa's Lounge, Chicago (Delmark Records, 2005).
Of the dynamic ensemble, Living Blues Magazine says, "…by constantly stirring the pot with new ingredients, Pierre Lacocque ensures that Mississippi Heat remains vital."
Mississippi Heat is an American blues band based in Chicago, led by harmonica player Pierre Lacocque. Formed in 1991, the band has toured in the United States, Canada, and Europe, with occasional performances in South America and North Africa.
Pierre Lacocque is an acclaimed and internationally renowned blues harmonica player. His style has been influenced by the post-WWII Chicago blues tradition. He entered the Chicago scene in the late 1980s when, among other bands, he performed with The Blue Knights led by Tré, Doug McDonald and the Blue Mirror Band and Lawrence "Lil" Sonny Wimberly and his band, The Blues Invaders.
In late 1991, he and his brother, Michel Lacocque (the band manager) founded Mississippi Heat with three other musicians. It was originally a quartet composed of guitarist-singer Jon McDonald, bassist Bob Stroger, drummer-singer Robert Covington and Pierre Lacocque, harmonicist and bandleader.
So, in late 1991, during a performance at Café Lura in Chicago featuring Bob Stroger, Jon McDonald, Robert Covington, and Pierre Lacocque, Lacocque's brother Michel who had been moved by the music while in the audience, proposed to manage and book this band. The musicians agreed enthusiastically to launch Mississippi Heat. The band evolved over the years with several line-ups and 12 recordings to date. As of 2016, the last six were released on the Delmark Records label.
Pierre-Emmanuel Lacocque was born in Jerusalem, Israel, on October 13, 1952 to Protestant Belgian parents. His father—a Judeo-Christian scholar—travelled extensively in his early career. By 1957, Pierre Lacocque had lived in four countries, having spent two years in Germany, three in France, and finally returning to Belgium. From 1962–1963, during his 5th grade year, his family spent another year in Jerusalem. He would later say that a childhood laden with constant relocations contributed early on to a feeling of homelessness.
In 2013, John Primer, a former Teardrop, was the special guest on Shawn Holt & the Teardrops' debut recording, "Daddy Told Me". It was recorded in Chicago, Illinois. Primer played and sang on two of the album's tracks, of which five overall were written by Holt. Two songs on the collection were cover versions of Magic Slim's tracks - "Buddy Buddy Friend" and "Please Don’t Dog Me". Another song covered on the album was "Before You Accuse Me". "Daddy Told Me" was released on the Blind Pig record label. The album reached number one on the "Living Blues" blues radio chart in October 2013. Pierre Lacocque of Mississippi Heat noted, upon hearing the album, that Holt "only uses a thumb pick for his guitar, with no special effects, and straight into his amplifier. It is indeed a guitar style that is reminiscent of his father's".
Two key childhood events led Pierre Lacocque toward music. First, as a young child living in Neuviller-la Roche, a mountain village in the Alsatian region of France, his father gave him a green plastic harmonica. Blowing through the plastic toy gave him immense emotion. The second came in the mid-1960s, when his father, returning from a trip to India, brought him a Hohner Marine Band harmonica. "I was moved, but not driven to master it," he said later in an interview with In an interview with WBEZ's Niles Frantz, he said that, "during my pre-Chicago years I loved the harmonica but did not know deep blue notes could be played on them."