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sorla              grpr              sortilin              gephyrin              neogenin              rgmb              neuroligin              caspr              plexin              norrin              tgfrii              hevin              aplnr              erbin              dscam              flna              nrip              synaptogenic              netrin              fmrp              beclin              cystc              neuritin              cypd              agrin              heteromerization              probdnf              fkn              syngap              gilz              rgma              rhamm              necdin              slimb              nrtn              pkci              prlr              muscleblind              tcblr              neurofascin              nherf              sirp              syncam              scleraxis              nogo              ngr              grk              ksrp              mesd              hemojuvelin             

Examples of "pirb"
Paired-immunoglobulin-like receptor B (PirB), an MHCI-binding receptor, is involved in the regulation of visual plasticity. PirB is expressed in the central nervous system and diminishes ocular dominance plasticity in the developmental critical period and adulthood. When the function of PirB was abolished in mutant mice, ocular dominance plasticity became more pronounced at all ages. PirB loss of function mutant mice also exhibited enhanced plasticity after monocular deprivation during the critical period. These results suggest PirB may be involved in modulation of synaptic plasticity in the visual cortex.