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scythes              machetes              halberds              pickaxes              hatchets              cudgels              cutlasses              crowbars              broadswords              javelins              sledgehammers              knobkerries              polearms              guillotines              assegais              adzes              glaives              brandishing              scabbards              cudgel              halberd              pickaxe              chainsaws              daggers              mauls              brandished              arquebuses              caltrops              billhooks              truncheons              parangs              greatswords              scimitars              blunderbusses              sickles              nightsticks              polearm              slingshots              scythe              switchblades              poleaxes              longswords              maces              hacksaws              harpoons              glaive              xyston              flaying              ballistae              hilted             

Examples of "pitchforks"
Weapons thus resemble pitchforks, staffs, paddles and other harmless objects.
Pitchforks and scythes have frequently been used as weapons by those who could not afford or did not have access to more expensive weapons such as swords, or, later, guns. As a result, pitchforks and scythes are stereotypically carried by angry mobs or gangs of enraged peasants.
"With bowling balls you can't use pitchforks". (In an alternative version, the punchline ends with: "You can't unload bowling balls with a pitchfork")
The peasant army known as "Black Eagle" counted 50,000 rebels. However, they were armed only with pitchforks, axes, and spades, which gave the name to the uprising.
There are four lakes: Forcats (the pitchforks lake), Montmantell, Estany Negre (the black lake), and Les Truites Lake (the trout lake).
The line "The peasants are coming with pitchforks" became somewhat of a slogan for the campaign, with Buchanan occasionally appearing with a prop pitchfork at rallies.
Under the "Shock Force" umbrella are represented other organisations, like the Pitchforks Movement (in Italian "Movimento dei Forconi"), an informal grouping of farmers, shepherds and breeders, or the Sicilian Trucking Association (in Italian "Associazione Imprese Autotrasportatori Siciliani", AIAS), an association representing truck drivers and small logistics business interests. The founder of the Pitchforks movement was Martino Morsello, a 57 y.o. former Socialist councilor of Marsala.
On 12 June 2013 Mona announced that they would release their second album, "Torches & Pitchforks", on Mercury Records July 23. The band also announced new tour dates, starting in Columbus, OH on July 7.
Many people who grew up on farms in the midwest U.S. in the 1940s-'60s recall going spearing for carp with pitchforks when their fields flooded in the spring. Spearfishing in this manner has some similarities to bowfishing.
The Pitchforks Movement self-declares itself as “non-political” and “against party politics”. Unusually, the protest has been joined by members of both far-right and far-left political organisations.
The 16 January 2012, the "Pitchforks Movement" joined the "operation Sicilian Vespers" which blockading most of the main roads and seaports of the island, led to the suspension of most economic activities in Sicily.
The balloon flew northwards for 45 minutes, pursued by chasers on horseback, and landed 21 kilometres away in the village of Gonesse where the reportedly terrified local peasants attacked it with pitchforks and knives, and destroyed it.
In the past, inhabitants of Vigneulles were known by their neighbours as "poussais" ("chasers"), having taken up pitchforks to chase off the villagers from Barbonville who had come to steal their supposedly miracle performing statue of the Virgin.
Powers typically attributed to European witches include turning food poisonous or inedible, flying on broomsticks or pitchforks, casting spells, cursing people, making livestock ill and crops fail, and creating fear and local chaos.
Armed with rifles, pistols, sabres, pitchforks and staffs, the townsfolk rushed through the streets, killing, wounding and capturing several Frenchmen. One of the rebellion's first acts was to release several Austrian troops from their prisons to join with the rebels.
Pitchfork lived in Newbold Verdon, attending school in Market Bosworth and Desford, until his marriage in 1981 to a social worker, after which he lived in Littlethorpe. The Pitchforks had two sons.
There may not be a logical explanation; the phrase may have been used just for its nonsensical humor value, like other equivalent English expressions ("it is raining pitchforks", "hammer handles", etc.).
Clarke is a strong supporter of Republican Donald Trump, saying during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign that he would "do everything I can" to help Trump win the presidency. Clarke spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In October 2016, Clarke tweeted, "It's incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch. Pitchforks and torches time." with an attached photo of an angry mob holding pitchforks and torches. On November 25, 2016, it was reported that Clarke would be meeting with Donald Trump for a possible role in his administration.
The crossed nautical tridents overlapped by the single cannon dedicate the first naval battle of the American Revolution in which Jeremiah O’Brien and his men defeated the British warship, "Margaretta". O'Brien and his men, armed with only limited muskets, axes, and pitchforks (represented by the crossed tridents) boarded "Margaretta" and defeated an enemy armed with superior guns and training.
Among the Poles were mainly refugees after the repression of the population in Volhynia and retreating in front of - 70 Poles were murdered. They were residents of nearby villages such as foresters, priests and children. Members of the UPA murdered Poles with axes, pitchforks and scythes.