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ruficauda              parula              dendroica              bananaquit              polioptila              melanurus              spiza              subalaris              uropygialis              superciliosa              gnatcatcher              pyrrhula              grallaria              spindalis              eumyias              lherminieri              ludovicianus              paradoxornis              gutturalis              plumbea              nigrogularis              veery              dickcissel              roraimia              baeolophus              leucogastra              acanthiza              aberti              berlepschi              annectans              orthonyx              bailloni              pyrrhopygia              mystacalis              undulatus              novaeseelandiae              veraepacis              conopophaga              treeswift              atricapilla              pipilo              sinosuthora              microlophus              anthornis              lophotes              flavigaster              ustulatus              acanthorhynchus              clarionensis              longwing             

Examples of "pitiayumi"
Parula pitiayumi: Parula Tropical, Tropical Parula
The tropical parula ("Setophaga pitiayumi") is a small New World warbler. It breeds from southernmost Texas and northwest Mexico (Sonora) south through Central America to northern Argentina, including Trinidad and Tobago. This widespread and common species is not considered threatened by the IUCN.
"Setophaga pitiayumi" has occasionally been lumped with the closely related northern parula ("S. americana") as a single species. Hybrids are routinely found in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas, though this may be a recent phenomenon. Most tropical parulas can be distinguished from the northern parula by their lack of white eye crescents, but this may be ambiguous in hybrids. One should also look for the distribution and extent of non-yellow coloration on the breast, and the extent of yellow below the cheek and on the belly.