Synonyms for platytroctidae or Related words with platytroctidae

hologerrhum              dendrolycus              notosudidae              scopelarchidae              amanses              hypsophila              goniodiscus              himantolophidae              campylosiphon              thelodus              astrocoeniidae              exallias              pustulina              rudolfianus              psettopsis              micrarionta              tubeshoulders              chitonotus              atrosalarias              ctenocrinus              lenoxus              opisthias              oedalechilus              thyasiridae              megapharanaspis              schindleriidae              heterodea              platylomalus              hickelia              alepocephalidae              pentaprion              eubela              tetrarogidae              latimeriidae              eriphioidea              laolestes              prionoceridae              ranilia              microcoelus              aconeceras              herbstia              foratiscala              hexapodoidea              nemocardium              paracyathus              dasytidae              pedioceras              micropora              rangaeris              henriettea             

Examples of "platytroctidae"
Platytroctes is a genus of fish in the family Platytroctidae, the tubeshoulders.
At the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Sears worked on the ship "Atlantis", where he measured the temperatures and salinity off the waters of Maine. While on the ship, he recorded and preserved several unknown fish species, in genus Searsia of family Platytroctidae: Searsia koefoedi and Searsia polycoeca. Sears' preserved specimens are now located at the Peabody Museum.
The tubeshoulders are a family, the Platytroctidae, of marine smelts. They are found throughout the world, except for the Mediterranean Sea. Tubeshoulders live at moderate depths of , and some have light-producing organs. They are generally small to medium fish, ranging from in length.
Platytroctes apus is a species of fish in the family Platytroctidae, the tubeshoulders. It is known commonly as the legless searsid and legless tubeshoulder. It is native to tropical and temperate oceans around the world. It has been found at depths between 385 and 5393 meters, but it generally remains between 1000 and 2000 meters.