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Examples of "platzgumer"
Albert Pöschl (a.k.a. Jason Arigato), Queen of Japan's bass player and co-producer, is from Bavaria and has a diverse portfolio as a musician and music producer. He has worked as a sound technician for various bands including Chicks on Speed and "Die Goldenen Zitronen", which is presumably where he and Platzgumer made their acquaintance. He joined Queen of Japan in 1999, one year after they had formed.
Catriona Shaw (a.k.a. Koneko, Miss le Bomb), a Scot and the youngest member of the band, is the lead singer and was hailed as a "new exceptional singer". The first Queen of Japan CD "Mercury Rising" only features Platzgumer and Shaw as a duo. Her vocal talents are also featured on the CD "Miss Me" credited as "HP:CS" (Hans Platzgumer:Catriona Shaw) as well as with Electronicat.
Hans Platzgumer (a.k.a. Jo Ashito, Separator, Disko B), is an Austrian-born musician and music producer and lead guitarist/backing singer. He is co-founder (with Andi Pümpel) of the Grammy-nominated NYC band HP Zinker in the late 1980s and is member the punk band "Die Goldenen Zitronen" (founded 1986 in Hamburg) since the late 90s. More recently he has collaborated with other artists and released music under such codenames as Convertible, Aura Anthropica, Cube & Sphere, Fingerfood, and Shinto.
Chris Gelbmann (born 27 April 1972) is an Austrian singer-songwriter who had an eventful life. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, JJ Cale, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens and many more, he started as singer-songwriter at the age of 13 and since his youth he was known for his charismatic voice, a distinctive timbre and a very own style. In the last years he worked behind the scenes of the music industry, where he realised numerous major projects like André Heller's 3 CD compendium "Ruf und Echo", the two triple platinum CDs of Christina Stürmer, the major label debut of Hans Platzgumer; he worked with Brian Eno, Stefan Sagmeister, Xavier Naidoo and many more.
Miss le bomb is the pseudonym of artist and musician Catriona Shaw born in Edinburgh, Scotland. After finishing her studies at Edinburgh College of Art in 1997 she moved to Munich, Germany to continue her studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and quickly became involved in the underground music circuit there. Teaming up with fellow students Emanuel Günther aka Dompteur Mooner of Zombie Nation and Benjamin Bergmann she formed Club le Bomb, an illegal Sunday club where happenings and concerts were staged and with which they toured around Europe in 2000 under the title "Club le Bomb: World Tour". She also enjoyed some success as lead singer of the pop covers project Queen of Japan (with musicians Hans Platzgumer and Albert Poeschl). After moving to Berlin in 2004 she started to produce music as Miss le Bomb, and regularly collaborates with Electronicat.