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Examples of "playset"
The Eternia playset (1986–1987) is the largest playset to be produced by Mattel for the Masters of the Universe line of toys. The playset has three levels featuring three towers with vehicles that run around the entire playset. Because of the playset's rare nature, there is a limited amount of information regarding it, its features, and its parts.
"Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes" is split up into two game modes: Playset and Toybox (referred in "Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes" as Toybox 2.0.) In Playset mode, players can play open world multiple story modes based specifically on a certain franchise. Each Playset spans from 6–10 hours in length. These Playsets can be accessed by placing the Playset piece (also known as a crystal shard piece) on the Disney Infinity Base, a near field communication-enabled hexagonal platform that has two round spots to place figures (and use in them in the game) and one hexagonal spot to place the Playset piece or Power Discs. Only figures, usable in the game through near field communication technology, that are from a Playset's corresponding franchise can be used in that Playset. Certain characters, including Nova, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon and Hulk are playable in more than one Playset, by collecting tokens (called "Cross Over Tokens") scattered throughout levels. Once players have collected ten Cross Over Tokens for one character, that character can be used in another Playset and will unlock exclusive storylines. The Avengers Playset and the Spider-Man Playset take place in "Marvel Manhattan," a version of Manhattan that is 4x larger than "The Incredibles" Playset featured in the first "Disney Infinity" title."The Incredibles" Playset was the largest environment in "Disney Infinity". While in Playset mode, players will be able to uncover secret missions and new goods that can be used in the Toybox. Bendis will pen the stories and dialogue of all future Marvel Playsets. Local multiplayer can be accessed through split screen.
A third playset was also available called the "NakNak Case Play-set" that could hold up to 30 figures. Five random figures were also included in the purchase of the playset.
In 2003, WizKids produced a special DropShip playset. Sold only at conventions and through special promotions, the "Aurora" DropShip is a massive unit that has five cannon turrets and four bays for repairing units. The playset also has special rules.
The Eternia playset is the largest playset to be produced by Mattel for the Masters of the Universe line of toys. It consists of three levels featuring three towers, with vehicles that run around the entirety.
A playset based on "" was released in December 2015; it was announced at the D23 Expo that the playset would feature Finn and Rey from the film. Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron were later confirmed as playable characters.
The box contents of the average VertiBird playset consisted of the following items:
Some more infos about the doom zones (Wrote by Himber from his playset webside spectrumisgreen):
The game follows multiple plots, with each Playset having its own.
The Cobra Terror Drome (sometimes spelled Terrordrome) is a playset from Hasbro's toy line.
The planet is featured in a Lego "Star Wars" playset called Encounter on Jakku,
An outdoor playset is a structure erected outside for children to play on and around.
Bluebird Toys produced a Dalek-themed "Doctor Who" playset in 1998.
"Note: From 2003 forward, only one playset was released in conjunction with each wave"
The playset was first released in 1986, and is basically the prefabricated easily set up fortress/headquarters for Cobra. Each playset comes with three vehicle service and refueling bays, munitions depot, a prison cell for a G.I. Joe action figure, tower-mounted cannons, and a launch silo for the Firebat interceptor mini-jet. The original playset also included an action figure - A.V.A.C (Air Viper Advanced Class) intended as the pilot of the Firebat aircraft.
Each playset consists of a basic description of the setting and:
A "Swans Crossing" series of action figures and a Rock Concert Playset were produced.
The Gamma Lab Adventure is a re-release of the Bank Heist Battleground playset, with Hulk replacing Doctor Octopus.
Each figure came with its own "coded" chip generally set into the character's foot that when contacted with the "trigger" tab on each playset would complete the circuit so by then pressing a nearby button, you would hear playback of one to five phrases for that character. Unique features included audio playback from the show and the actual voice actor; placing the Homer Simpson figure on an appropriate playset would trigger the playback of a quote as performed by Dan Castellaneta on the original episode. Each playset held quotes and voice clip performances for a variety of characters so that placing the Marge Simpson figure or the Bart figure would trigger different quotes and voice clips. One limitation was that not every character worked with every playset — some for story logic reasons (character might not appear at that setting), release logistics (figures released long after a playset) or presumably for cost reasons (as each voice clip had to be approved and licensed).
In 1994, Playmates Toys released a "Runabout "Orinoco"" playset, in which two of Playmates' action figures could be seated.