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Examples of "playsets"
Numerous playsets were also available. The most popular were the fold out playsets that looked like real cars and could be folded open to reveal a larger play set for the micro vehicles. Three different playsets of this style were produced: the Mustang GT, the Mini Cooper and the Hummer H2. These playsets were often voted among the top toys of the year. There were also many different smaller playsets, including at least six different helicopter playsets.
Note 1: The 3D Pop-Up Playsets are interconnectible.
There are a number of playsets available in the series, which are accessed via placing the relevant playset piece onto the Infinity Base and are based upon several intellectual property franchises. These playsets include:
In 2006, two playsets called Train Yard Set and Working Hard Set were introduced. These were`much bigger than other playsets, being more than 1×1 metres. Original sets were less than 30×30 centimetres.
GeoTrax toys are categorized as Rail, Construction, Rescue, Elevation, Air and Sea, and City playsets. The Rail sets vary from small basic pieces that include an engine and one or more cars, to larger sets of 30 or more pieces that can be configured in a number of ways. Separate water works, tunnel, crane, and freight loading toys comprise the Rail playsets. Several Rail playsets include a remote controlled engine and cars with tracks and other pieces such as trees and signposts. Rescue playsets include fire stations, rescue response vehicles, and toy police cars and ambulances. Construction sets come in mining, trucking, fork lift and digging toy variations. The Elevation playsets include mountains, bridges and clock tower toys. Lighthouses, airports, seaplanes, jet planes, fishing piers, trains, drawbridges and tugboats make up the Air and Sea sets. Extra track is available to expand the playsets.
Almond Grove is located at 7691 Eagle Point Way. It's just a field with no playsets.
In 1994, Playmates, in an attempt capitalize on toy lines like Mighty Max and Polly Pocket, shrunk the Turtles down to an equally small size in a sub-line simply named "Mini Mutants". These were "Turtle Transport Combos" which contained one figure and two vehicles. "Bodacious Battlesets" which were four playsets which could connect via bridges/platforms; these included one figure. "Turtle Top Playsets" were a characters head which would open into a double decker playset; these included three figures. Slimmer "Carry Along Playsets" took the shape of Raph's sai, Leo's katana, and the Turtle Communicator; these came with three figures. And finally, "Turtle in a Turtle" consisted of four playsets that were figures of the four turtles about 6 inches taller than the normal figure; their heads, stomachs, and shells opened into the playsets. Each had themed removable armor as well; two figures were included with each.
Mattel also released a line of figures and playsets based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series "".
Based upon the movie series, there was a number of playsets featuring the infamous Saint Bernard dogs.
In 2008, Imaginext released new figures such as Superman and Batman. New playsets like the Batcave were created.
This is a page listing the various transforming action figures, playsets, and the original storybooks in the "" franchise.
Numerous playsets were made and marketed in the USA throughout the 1970s including a Haunted House, Treehouse, Camper, Playground, Marina, Circus, Fun House, Mickey Mouse Club Set, Western Theme Set, Weekender and others. Playsets often came with certain figures, though these could also be purchased separately.
Playsets are themed collections of similar toys designed to work together to enact some action or event. The most common toy playsets involve plastic figures, accessories, and possibly buildings or scenery, purchased together in a common box. Some sets during the 1960s and 1970s were offered within metal "suitcase" containers that also functioned as part of the playset.
The "" toyline was introduced by Hasbro in 1982, and lasted to 1994, producing well over 250 vehicles and playsets. The following is a list of playsets (i.e. toys representing static bases of operation such as fortresses, or equipment such as artillery pieces), as opposed to vehicles (i.e. in-universe are meant to move under their own power).
Along with the plush dolls Blinkins were small dolls, playsets, accessories, books and videos. The small versions each came with a pet or accessory and a butterfly comb.
Each new series of Shopkins combines 140+ characters with playsets and accessories. As of December 2015, there are 420 individual characters.
These playsets have their own unique campaign, which can be played with up to two players. However, all characters from a specific franchise can play in their respective playset (for example, Mr. Incredible can't be used in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" playset), meaning two figures from the same series are required to play a play-set in split-screen multiplayer. However, "Marvel" and "Star Wars" playsets feature collectable "Crossover/Champion coins", which enable to use certain characters from different playsets. Playing through play set unlocks objects and vehicles that can be used in the Toy Box mode.
Although there is no one standard setting, each game of "Fiasco" uses a "playset" that indicates the setting of that specific game. The core rulebook contains playsets for "Main Street" (small town America), "Boomtown" (The Wild West), "Tales from Suburbia", and "The Ice" (McMurdo Station, Antarctica). Bully Pulpit Games also released a free Playset of the Month on their website. These, and many more, are available for free online on the Bully Pulpit Games website, with many fan-made playsets available online, as well. "The Fiasco Companion" provides additional advice on creating playsets.
Released in 1987, it is also one of the largest playsets in the toyline series. The "Defiant" is composed of three vehicles.
In April 1991, DAW acquired the British Theatre Association playsets, making the association the world’s largest specialist English language lending library.