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Examples of "plebani"
Davide Plebani (born 24 July 1996) is an Italian male track cyclist, representing Italy at international competitions. He competed at the 2016 UEC European Track Championships in the elimination race event.
Other former PG Jaguars include: Eddie Basden (UNC-Charlotte, Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris McCray (Maryland, Milwaukee Bucks), Bobby Maze (Oklahoma, Tennessee), Tony Durant (Towson), Brice Plebani (Georgetown [football]), and Cortez Davis (Rutgers).
Frank married Ilda Plebani (May 26, 1926 - April 16, 2015) from Hershey, Pennsylvania, on June 12, 1948, and moved to Salem, West Virginia where he was the head football coach of Salem College. They had 4 children - Sharon, Philip, Robert, and Mark. They returned to Carnegie in 1949 before the birth of their first child to open a business "The Sports Center".
Lougaris, V., F. Faletra, G. Lanzi, D. Vozzi, A. Marcuzzi, E. Valencic, E. Piscianz, A. Bianco, M. Girardelli, M. Baronio, C. Loganes, A. Fasth, F. Salvini, A. Trizzino, D. Moratto, F. Facchetti, S. Giliani, A. Plebani, and A. Tommasini. 2015. Altered germinal center reaction and abnormal B cell peripheral maturation in PI3KR1-mutated patients presenting with HIGM-like phenotype. Clin Immunol 159:33-36.
Italy earned a qualifying spot at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in this sport following their performance at the 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe World Championships in Milan, Italy where the top six finishers in each Paralympic event earned a qualifying spot for their nation. Salvatore Ravalli earned the spot for Italy after finishing sixth in the men's KL1 event. Federico Mancarella earned another spot for Italy after finishing fourth in the men's KL2 event. Veronica Yoko Plebani earned a third spot for Italy after finishing fifthin the women's KL3 event.
In 1267, Wladyslaw parish appointed wrocławski Duke and Archbishop. Salzburg, and emoluments Zygmunt confirmed in August 1552, In the years 1552-1815 duszpasterzyli in Starokrzepicach kanonicy with regular Krzepic. By edict of Pius VII, "Eximposita nobis" parish starokrzepicka been excluded from the Diocese of Wroclaw and incorporated into włocławskiej. In 1736, was built new wooden church, which burned down in 1908 Thanks to Fr. John Patorskiemu built the present church. Transfiguration (1909-1912). In the 80s, Fr. Stanislaw pastor Kucała with parafianami made to modernise the church's facility, the church rectory and the environment (built a new catechetical salkę). Currently, the pastor is Fr. Adam Soltysiak, which led to a build a chapel (cold), a new plebani. In the church are also painted frescoes and renovated the main altar.
Starting in the 9th Century Balerna belonged to the count of Seprio. In the 13th Century it was under the city of Como, and later under the Bishop of Como. In 1335 under the rule of the Visconti of Milan, then under Franchino Rusca. In 1412 it came to the Duke of Milan, who completely separated it from Como in 1416. Balerna was now ruled by a Podestà, who resided in Mendrisio, but had his court in Balerna. In the following period it was owned by a large number of rulers: the Rusca family (1416–32), the Sanseverino family, the Golden Ambrosian Republic, the Schliessler family and then the Sforza family. In 1475, the Sforzas separated Balerna administratively from Mendrisio. In 1499 it passed into the hands of Count Bartolomeo Crivelli, but it was occupied in the same year by the French. In 1512 they were followed by the Swiss Confederation, who combined it with Mendrisio into a bailiwick. As part of the bailiwick, Balerna was able to retain its privileges. Until 1573 the bailiff had a court in Balerna. He had two "plebani" representing him at Balerna and two "reggenti" at Mendrisio. In 1798 it was supposed to become part of the Cisalpine Republic, but it, instead, wanted to be part of Switzerland. The decree of Aarau on 30 May 1798 combined it with Mendrisio as part of the Helvetic Republic.