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mimis              lefteris              mitropanos              stamatis              dionysis              kaldaras              tsitsanis              voskopoulos              parios              rasoulis              savvopoulos              tolis              vaggelis              dionisis              tsalikis              korkolis              chiotis              kazakos              alekos              tatasopoulos              papathanasiou              terzis              mihalis              manolis              korgialas              tasos              yiannis              oikonomopoulos              loizos              konstantaras              thalassinos              papatheodorou              kraounakis              makis              thodoris              vagelis              tzirakis              panagiotidis              alexandris              babis              tsaganeas              avlonitis              kontopoulos              traiforos              karouzos              doxas              hadjikyriakos              thodoros              papantoniou              alexiou             

Examples of "plessas"
In 2008 Rafalides began a project to collaborate with Mimis Plessas a well known Greek composer which culminated in the release of two projects based on Plessas’ music: the album ‘Ηχώ/Echo featuring Evi Siamanda on vocals which consisted of the music of Mimis Plessas; and the duo recording ‘We Two’ featuring Mimis Plessas on piano and Christos on vibraphone.
Perris' performing career began at the age of 18, when he was invited to tour with composer Mimis Plessas. He was featured on Plessas' 2006 album Mimis Plessas and the Jazz Quartet Live. His first solo album, Kainouria mou mera (My new day) was released in 2005 by EMI and included the hit songs "Pezi o erotas" which was the theme song from the TV series "Erotas", as well as "Karavani" which was included in a compilation created by Radio Française.
Aside from his cooperation with Yannis Spanos his songs included works by Greek composers such as Mimis Plessas, Yorgos Katsaros, Apostolos Kaldaras, Yorgos Mitsakis and others.
In 1983 Stassinopoulou represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest in Munich, where she interpreted the song of Antonis Plessas, "Mou Les".
Along with her school work, her music, and her English and French lessons, she performed in the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar", under the direction of Mimis Plessas and Dimitris Malavetas.
During winter 2003 Remos had live performances. He shared the stage with 5 composers, each one for 45 nights: Mimis Plessas, Giannis Spanos, Antonis Vardis, Kostas Hatzis and Giorgos Theofanous.
Stefanos Korkolis (; born 12 September 1960) is a Greek composer and pianist. He was born in Athens and grew up in Patissia. He is a nephew of renowned Greek composer Mimis Plessas.
The song "Vrehei Fotia Stin Strata Mou" (It's raining fire in my way) was composed by Mimis Plessas with lyrics by Lefteris Papadopoulos. In a subsequent interview, Papadopoulos revealed that the writer Nikos Foskolos had asked him to write a song whose lyrics included the phrase "Kyma pikro stin plori mou" (A bitter wave on my bow). The song became one of the greatest hits of Greek laiko music of the era. Mimis Plessas chose Stratos Dionysiou as the singer. The hit launched Dionysiou's career; Dionysiou does not appear in the film, but his voice is heard from a record playing the song in the background.
Among the artists awarded a Rhizome commission: Heba Amin, Aleksandra Domanović, Aram Bartholl, Knifeandfork, Mendi & Keith Obadike, Trevor Paglen, Jon Rafman, Tao Lin, Tristan Perich, Angelo Plessas. Brody Condon, Jona Bechtolt, Kristin Lucas, Evan Roth, Rafaël Rozendaal, eteam, Steve Lambert, Zach Lieberman, Porpentine (game designer).
His talent is quickly discovered by the great composers of that time (such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Mimis Plessas, Stavros Xarchakos, Yannis Markopoulos etc.), with whom he has cooperated, and he has performed their songs in his own particular way, adding strongly his personal style and particular sensibility, which add melody and meaning in the lyrics of the songs.
Several talented and famous actors were engaged in this film, including some of the most brilliant Greek stars who portrayed the major roles, while composer Mimis Plessas and singer Giannis Poulopoulos surrounded the characters of the film producing a great musical result.
Other significant songwriters and lyricists of this category are considered George Zambetas, Akis Panou, Apostolos Kaldaras, Giorgos Mitsakis, Stavros Kouyioumtzis, Lefteris Papadopoulos and Eftichia Papagianopoulos. Many artists have combined the traditions of éntekhno and laïkó with considerable success, such as the composers Mimis Plessas and Stavros Xarchakos.
Giorgos Katsaros () (born on 7 March 1934 in Corfu) is a famous Greek musician and songwriter. He plays the alto saxophone. He has made a variety of recordings, collaborating amongst others with Greek musical composers, such as Yannis Theodoridis and Mimis Plessas.
Mimis Plessas (; born October 12, 1924) is a Greek composer born in Athens. He began his career in 1952 and has since written music for over 100 films, television and radio programs, and theatrical events. He has worked with such notable Greek singers as Giannis Poulopoulos, Marinella, Rena Koumioti and lyricist Lefteris Papadopoulos.
She started her music career in 1992. A year later she moved to Athens, Greece, where she had a cooperation with Yiannis Parios. Olympiou has also cooperated with other Greek music artists, including Haris Alexiou, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Dimitris Mitropanos, Mimis Plessas, Pandelis Thalassinos and Marios Tokas.
Among the most significant songwriters and lyricists of this period are George Zambetas and the big names of the Rebetiko era that where still in business, like Vassilis Tsitsanis and Manolis Chiotis. Many artists combined the traditions of éntekhno and laïkó with considerable success, such as the composers Stavros Xarchakos and Mimis Plessas.
I Marinella tragouda Mimi Plessa & Gianni Spano (Greek: "Η Μαρινέλλα τραγουδά Μίμη Πλέσσα & Γιάννη Σπανό"; ) is a compilation by popular Greek singer Marinella. It was released in 1996 in Greece by PolyGram Greece - Mercury and includes 17 recordings of songs composed by Mimis Plessas and Giannis Spanos that Marinella recorded from 1966 - 1984 for PolyGram Records and EMI.
The winning song was chosen by the public through televoting and a jury weighted at 60% and 40% of the result respectively. The jury panel was made up of Mimis Plessas, Antonis Andrikakis, Dimitris Starovas, Themos Anastasiadis, Christina Politi, Evangelia Piskera, Antonis Karatzikos, Rena Kapitsala, and a ninth vote was split between Sietse Bakker of ESCToday and Fotis Konstantopoulos of Oikotimes.
She had planned on studying physics, but she met her mentor, Greek composer Mimis Plessas, who persuaded her to become a singer. She began her career in 1959 performing with the ERT orchestra. In 1964, she won first prize in the Thessaloniki Song Festival.
A.O. Ilisiakos () is an Athens-based football club that was founded in 1927 by Michalis Xydis, Lambropoulos, Evgenopoulos, Nikolaos Plessas, "et al.". They played in Delta Ethiniki until 2003. Ilisiakoss spent the majority of its later history in the Greek second division however the footballing arm of the club merged with Egaleo F.C. in August 2009 and was renamed as Egaleo.