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Examples of "plovan"
Inhabitants of Plovan are called in French "Plovanais".
Plovan () is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.
The Titan Chronicle is New Town High School’s student newspaper. It serves as an open forum to inform and reflect the opinions of students and the New Town High School community. The first academic adviser of The Titan Chronicle was BCPS English teacher, Rebecca Plovan. She taught journalism at New Town High School up until 2006 when she transferred to Owings Mills High School. In 2006, a new hire in the English department, Adam Carney, took over as the paper's academic adviser. He brought with him new concepts for the paper including changes in design, layout, content, and even took a class vote to have the publication's name changed to The Titan Times. The new name stuck for a brief period but was eventually reverted to The Titan Chronicle.