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konjum              koottam              aarilirunthu              marikkumo              oviyam              suryavamsam              kavithai              mattum              padagan              kadhalithal              meendum              varusham              alaigal              avalude              vandhen              nenjirukkum              policeum              sahasam              uravu              oomai              unnidathil              inikkum              gamyam              enakkaga              drohi              yamagola              vandha              njaan              ninaithale              kaaviya              thottu              vedham              vennira              thaai              manathil              geetham              marupakkam              sisindri              kadhalukku              thambikku              pennin              sabash              thalaimagan              aanakkalari              kaavalkaaran              kavalai              balettan              pudhu              kalyaanam              padithaal             

Examples of "podhuma"
It is a remake of 1962 Tamil Movie "Padithaal Mattum Podhuma" which starred Sivaji Ganesan, K. Balaji, K. Savithri and Rajasulochana in the lead.
Padithal Mattum Podhuma ("Is studying alone enough?") is a 1962 Indian Tamil language film directed by A. Bhimsingh. The film features Sivaji Ganesan, M. R. Radha, Savitri and Rajasulochana in the lead roles.
In 2006, Pratap Pothan announced that he would direct Madhavan in a script written by K. Rajeswar. Pre-production works proved to be difficult and the film went through several changes of title and lead actress, before it was announced that the film would be called "Oru Naal Podhuma" and would feature Rukmini Vijayakumar in the leading female role. The team had made plans to complete shooting for the film in Canada, though creative differences meant that the film was subsequently shelved.
Kadhalithal Podhuma (தமிழ்: காதலித்தால் போதுமா?, ) is a 1967 Tamil Triangle - Romance and Suspense film was directed by K. V. Srinivas and Produced and supervisor by R. Sundaram under Modern Theatres. The film script was written by M. K. Devarajan and A. L. Narayanan wrote part of comedy script. Music by Vedha assets to the film. It stars Jaishankar, Vanisri, R. S. Manohar Venniradai Nirmala played lead with Thengai Srinivasan, V. S. Raghavan Rukmani and Kumar Radha played pivotal role.
The album received positive reviews from critics, and the songs "Pazham Neeyappa", "Oru Naal Podhuma", "Isai Thamizh" and "Paattum Naane" still remain popular among the Tamil diaspora. Film historian Randor Guy, in his 1997 book "Starlight, Starbright: The Early Tamil Cinema", identifies "Pazham Neeyappa" in particular, performed by Sundarambal, as the "favourite of millions". The singer Charulatha Mani, writing for "The Hindu", believed that Sundarambal had produced a "pure and pristine depiction" of the "Neelambari" raga in "Vaasi Vaasi", and expressed approval of M. Balamuralikrishna's rendition of "Oru Naal Podhuma". Mana Baskaran of "The Hindu Tamil" described the album as: "an attractive package for all to listen to." Following T. M. Soundararajan's death in May 2013, M. Ramesh of "Business Line" wrote, "The unforgettable sequences from ... Thiruvilaiyaadal ... has forever divided the world of Tamil music lovers into two: those who believe that the "Oru naal poduma" of the swollen-headed Hemanatha Bhagavathar could not be bested, and those who believe that Lord Shiva’s "Paattum Naane Bhavamum Naane" won the debate hands down." He praised Soundararajan's performance in "Paattum Naane", which he described as "stupefying". Writing for "The Hindu", C. V. Vasudevan wrote that the film "clearly showcased the talents" of Sundarambal, Mahalingam, Balamuralikrishna and Soundararajan, and the "composing forte" of Mahadevan.
She made her film debut playing Trishna in Bharathiraja's suspense thriller "Bommalattam" alongside an ensemble cast of Arjun, Nana Patekar and Kajal Aggarwal. The role feature her as a mysterious debutant actress who is hidden from the media, with the film eventually revealing that her character was actually a male, made to dress up by the director. The film opened to positive reviews, with critics labelling her performance as "definitely a surprise package". She next featured in Gandhi Krishna's 2009 romantic film "Ananda Tandavam" as Ratna alongside Siddharth Venugopal and Tamannaah, but the film became commercial and critical failure. Rukmini then signed up to appear in "Naan", once again alongside Siddharth Venugopal, but the film ran into production and trouble and she opted against appearing in the film when it began again in 2010. Moreover, another project, "Oru Naal Podhuma" directed by Pratap Pothan and featuring Madhavan in the lead role, was also cancelled soon after announcement.
The story of "Thiruvilaiyadal" was conceived by A. P. Nagarajan, who was inspired by the "Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam", a collection of sixty-four Shaivite, devotional, epic stories written in the 16th century by the saint, Paranjothi Munivar, which record the actions and antics of Lord Shiva appearing on Earth in various disguises to test his devotees. Four of the sixty-four stories are depicted in the film. The first is about the poet Dharumi; the second concerns Dhatchayini (Sati). The third recounts how Shiva's future wife Parvati is born as a fisherwoman and how Shiva, in the guise of a fisherman, finds and remarries her. The fourth story is that of the singer Banabhathirar. The soundtrack was received positively and songs from it like "Pazham Neeyappa", "Oru Naal Podhuma", "Isai Thamizh", and "Paattum Naane" remain popular today among the Tamil diaspora.
The soundtrack and score were composed by K. V. Mahadevan, while the lyrics of the songs were written by Kannadasan, with the exception of the first portions of "Pazham Neeyappa", which were penned by Sankaradas Swamigal. The soundtrack was released on the Saregama music label. Every line in the song "Oru Naal Podhuma" belongs to a different raga. Some of them include "Darbar", "Todi", "Neelambari", "Mohanam" and "Kalyani". "Pazham Neeyappa" is based on three ragas — "Darbari Kanada", "Shanmukhapriya" and "Kambhoji". "Isai Thamizh", "Paattum Naane" and "Illadhathondrillai" are based on the "Abheri", "Gourimanohari" and "Simhendramadhyamam" ragas respectively. Vikku Vinayakram and Cheena Kutty were the "Ghatam" and "Mridangam" players for "Paattum Naane" respectively. The "Macha Veena" seen in "Paattum Naane" was made by Subbiah Asari; the crew of "Thiruvilaiyadal" purchased it from him for .
M. Suganth and Karuna Amarnath of "The Times of India" praised Ganesan for displaying versatility through Shiva's various appearances in the film, and called it a "must watch". The actor and film historian Mohan V. Raman was enthusiastic about Balaiah's performance in "Oru Naal Podhuma", believing his screen presence to have been instrumental in the success of the film. S. Theodore Baskaran gave a rather mixed review, describing his experience seeing the film as "watching a merely photographed drama", but appreciated Nagesh's performance: "If there is just one role that he is remembered for, it is this." Baskaran also appreciated Ganesan's dialogue delivery during the scene where his character argues with Nakkeerar. Subha J. Rao and K. Jeshi of "The Hindu", in their article "Laughter lines", highlighted the way that Nagesh "brings the house down as the impoverished poet." Following Manorama's death in October 2015, "The New Indian Express" ranked "Thiruvilaiyadal" eighth in their list of "Top Movies" featuring her.
Following the moderate success of their previous collaboration in "Thambi" (2006), director Seeman and actor R. Madhavan decided to work on two more projects titled "Magizhchi" and "Pagalavan" by the end of 2006. After the launch in March 2007, Seeman announced that "Magizhchi" would narrate life’s little sweet meanings and appeals in a poetic fashion, being a direct contrast to the pair's earlier film and "Pagalavan", where Madhavan would play an angry vigilante. Bhavana, who had worked alongside Madhavan in "Arya" (2007), was signed on to play the lead actress before the release of their other film together. The title "Magizhchi" had been registered so Seeman renamed the film as "Vaazhthugal", and revealed that the film would feature no English word amongst its dialogues. Director Venkat Prabhu joined the film's cast, as did politician Velmurugan, industrialist RK and theatre actors Na. Muthuswamy and Trotsky Marudhu. The film was initially set to begin production in late 2007, but was preponed after Madhavan's other films "Sarkar" and "Oru Naal Podhuma" failed to materialise. The film was shot around Coimbatore, Pollachi and Udamalpet during late 2007.