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kraenzl              hiern              moldenke              radlk              macbr              markgr              griseb              steyerm              puberula              schinz              summerh              bremek              kunth              sprucei              calcarata              lehmannii              mucronata              calcicola              standl              schum              zeyh              salisb              oliv              steyermarkii              aubl              sessiliflora              ciliatum              mansf              glaziovii              presl              pittieri              oreophila              gracillima              hemsl              horrida              vollesen              plumosa              pedicellata              gracilior              forssk              schlechteri              virgata              hirtella              ferruginea              calycina              cuatrec              welw              anomalum              debilis              dielsii             

Examples of "poepp"
The full taxonomy of tribe Gilliesieae remains unresolved. Of the South America genera, a number have common features (tunicate bulbs, inflorescences with unarticulated pedicels, and one or two bracts subtending the inflorescence). These are "Ipheion" Raf., "Leucocoryne" Lindl., "Nothoscordum" Kunth, "Tristagma" Poepp., and "Zoellnerallium" Crosa. The position of "Ipheion" is particularly problematic.
Heliconia vellerigera Poepp. is a species in the family Heliconiaceae, native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica. It is a large herb up to 6 m (20 feet) tall with a pendulous inflorescence of 20-30 red-orange bracts covered with cinnamon-colored hairs.
Desmoncus polyacanthos is a spiny, climbing palm native to the southern Caribbean and tropical South America. Stems grow clustered together, and are 2–12 m long and 0.5–2 cm in diameter. Petioles, rachis, cirrus and peduncular bracts are covered with short, curved spines. Two varieties are recognised: "D. polyacanthos" var. "polyacanthos" and "D. polyacanthos" var. "prunifer" (Poepp. ex Mart.) A.J.Hend.