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Examples of "poggensee"
Poggensee is a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
Between 1952 and 1957 Karl Poggensee and his association DAFRA (the precursor of the Hermann Oberth Society) operated a small launch site for experimental rockets close to the Hespenbusch farm. In 1957 the launch site was shifted to Cuxhaven as the site in Großenkneten had become too small.
It was created in 1952 by Karl Poggensee in Bremen as the German Agency for Affairs of Space Travel (DAFRA), tasked to develop civilian rockets. Early on in Hespenbusch, near Großenkneten, various prototype rockets were developed, which soon reached heights of a few kilometers. The available area in Hespenbusch quickly became too small to continue to conduct rocket tests there.
On 13 March 1931 Tiling and his co-worker Karl Poggensee succeeded in the launch of a solid-propellant rocket. The rocket flew for 11 seconds and reached a height of 1,800 metres. Further rocket launches were undertaken in the following weeks.
Hespenbusch is a farm, which belongs to the municipality of Grossenkneten. Karl Poggensee and the Hermann Oberth society (succeeded by the DAFRA, German work company for affairs of rocket) operated between 1952 and 1957 a launch site for small rockets with a maximum flight level of some kilometers, close to this farm. In 1957 the launch activities were shifted toward Cuxhaven, since the available area became too small.