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kaludiya              nelum              kuttam              kandalama              wewa              bellanwila              thoppu              rajamaha              talav              kulam              pukhuri              gedara              pahana              pokhari              aranya              uyana              talao              devasthana              nagarjun              viharaya              samanala              pokhar              taranga              baug              pakshi              kottaram              budhi              tample              saavira              geya              thillai              polali              devalayam              tekdi              bakamuna              andavar              dhama              magul              thottam              vallalar              ghoda              kanch              vatika              nisargadhama              kotta              sthan              nilayam              devala              tirumakudal              theertha             

Examples of "pokuna"
Ho Gana Pokuna movie has got nine nominations & won six awards at the 4th Derana Sunsilk Film Awards 2016 at Nelum pokuna Thearter on 14 May 2016
The architecture of the building is inspired by the 12th-century "Nelum Pokuna" (Lotus Pond) in Polonnaruwa. Built by King Parakramabahu the Great, Polonnaruwa's Nelum Pokuna is shaped as a stylised eight-petalled lotus flower.
The Nelum Pokuna Theatre has shows, productions, and other bookings scheduled through September 2012.
Both types of monitor lizards - Bengal monitor and water monitor, can be seen in Kaludiya Pokuna.
The following list provide the fauna of Kaludiya Pokuna Archeological Forest Reserve.
Kuttam Pokuna in Polonnaruwa provides one of the best examples of the construction of a royal bath. A flight of long narrow steps led to an oblong shaped pond that had graduated gangways. The water was conducted by underground pipelines from the canal nearby and led into the bath by two "makara gargoyles". A stone water lock acted as water locking valve and an exit for used water. There is also a now-ruined changing room. Other magnificent pool designs in Anuradhapura era such as "Twin Ponds" Kuttam Pokuna, "lotus Pond" Nelum pokuna, "hot water pond" janthagara Pokona, ath Pokuna-built for use of elephants and "black water pool" Kaludiya Pokuna are significant. Also there are significant series of ponds and pools which contains water fountains at the Sigiriya citadel, which marvels the hydro engineering in the ancient Sri Lanka.
The Nelum Pokuna Theatre was the site of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2013.
[[File:Abhayagiriya Monastery-EN.svg|thumb|[[Abhayagiri vihāra|Abhayagiriya Monastery]] with [[Samadhi Statue]], [[Kuttam Pokuna]] (twin pond) and [[Sandakada pahana|moonstone]].]]
The Nelum Pokuna (Lotus Pond) Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre () (often known simply as "Nelum Pokuna Theatre"; previously the National Performing Arts Theatre, prior to naming at the opening ceremony) is a performing arts centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The theatre opened on 15 December 2011.
Naga Pokuna Passing Ambasthalaya on the western side are a flight of steps. When going down the steps one could see the Naga Pokuna. Its name is derived as there are figures of snakes with their hoods spread out in the back ground and is one of the most famous ponds.
Since there is a statue of lion standing with two legs the name of Singha Pokuna has been in usage. This is the place that collected water for the use of bikkhus. Water had been supplied from Naga Pokuna through a tunnel.
"Maharaja Gemunu" won the most awards with eleven including Best Film. Other winners included "Oba Nathuwa Oba Ekka" and "Ho Gaana Pokuna" with three awards.
"Saga VII", became the first musical event organized by a school to be held at the newly built Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre.
Butterflies and moths are also frequent in Kaludiya Pokuna. Species like crimson rose, common Mormon, Ceylon rose, common rose, common cerulean, common Indian crow, Lemon emigrant are common.
Kaludiya Pokuna Archeological Forest Site (කළුදිය පොකුණ පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය), is a forest with archeological remains in Kandalama, in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka.
Is also one of the famous ponds at Mihintale. The name is derived from the fact that the water in the pond appears to be black in colour. It is believed that on new moon day Kalu Buddha Rakkhita Thera sat under the Thimbiriya tree, close to the Kaludiya Pokuna, preached on sermon based on Kalakarama Sutta. The word "Kalu" means black. The word "diya" means water, and the word "pokuna" means pond.
The original venue selected to host the festival was the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre, in Colombo. The theatre is equipped with ultra modern facilities such as an auditorium with 1,288 seats, a library, and training facilities.
Kandalama is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Central Province. Kandalama is home for one of Sri Lanka's first five star hotels, Heritance Kandalama and Kaludiya Pokuna Archeological Forest.
Kaludiya Pokuna is also rich with numerous biodiversity, both flora and fauna. The forest is home for many endemic and non-endemic species of flora and fauna, that prevail much more secure than other forests in Sri Lanka.
The Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre is a world-class theatre that opened in December 2011. Designed in the form of the Lotus Pond in Polonnaruwa, the theatre is a major theatre destination.