Synonyms for policarpe or Related words with policarpe

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Examples of "policarpe"
They were from Guadeloupe and Saint-Domingue, respectively, and immigrated as refugees in 1793 shortly after the early years of the Haitian Revolution. His brothers were Elwer W. and Patrick H. Reason, who also became leaders. Their older sister Policarpe died in 1818 at age four.
Jean Pascal Sébah (1872– 6 June 1947), son of Syriac-Armenian photographer Pascal Sébah, continued the family's photographic legacy after his father's death in 1886, joining the business in 1888. He photographed scenes and people in Anatolia and Egypt including Nubians. He partnered with photographer Policarpe Joaillier.
Reason was born in 1816 in New York City as one of four children. His father, Michel Rison, was native to St. Anne Island, Guadeloupe and his mother, Elizabeth Melville, was native to Saint-Domingue. He was baptized "Patrice Rison" in April 1816. His sister Policarpe died at age four in 1818. With his two brothers Elver and Charles L. Reason, Patrick attended New York's African Free School. At the age of 13, his drawing of the school building was engraved for the frontispiece of Charles C. Andrews's history of the school published in 1830. He was apprenticed to Stephen Henry Gimber(1806-1862), an English engraver and lithographer in the city.