Synonyms for pollakisuria or Related words with pollakisuria

pollakiuria              dysuria              hyperreflexic              hypersalivation              hypermotility              diaphoresis              dysmotility              atonic              atony              constipations              obstipation              somnolence              underactivity              cephalea              obtundation              hyperreflexia              sialorrhea              sleeplessness              hyporeflexia              underactive              nycturia              inappetance              dysphasia              polydypsia              dysmenorrheal              hypematremia              nocturia              pylorospasm              dyschezia              dysurea              hyponatremia              polyneuropathic              convulsion              micturition              hypokalaemia              hypotonia              nauseas              anasarca              paresthesias              colics              hyperthyroids              quadriparesis              hypernatremia              stomachache              alkalinizers              hyperkinesis              dyspnoea              dyssynergic              hypogeusia              enuresis             

Examples of "pollakisuria"
Several case studies on IgG4-related prostatitis have been reported. Patients have been noted to commonly present with lower urinary tract symptoms such as dysuria, pollakisuria, urinary urgency, and a feeling of incomplete emptying. The clinical presentation is similar to that in benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis, although pain, as occurs in CP/CPPS, does not usually appear to be significant.