Synonyms for pollakiuria or Related words with pollakiuria

dysuria              pollakisuria              hypersalivation              dyschezia              sialorrhea              diaphoresis              stomachache              dyssynergia              nocturia              hypermotility              atonic              dysurea              strangury              obstipation              nycturia              hyperreflexia              hyperreflexic              constipations              hyperthyroids              dysmotility              hyposalivation              sleeplessness              enuresis              underactivity              menoxenia              anismus              atony              cystalgia              prostatism              acraturesis              motn              retching              somnambulism              underactive              vaginismus              alkalinizer              somnolence              nauseas              inappetance              dyspeptic              aurium              colics              tenesmus              algesic              mastodynia              algopareunia              anuresis              anorgasmia              hypogeusia              neurasthenia             

Examples of "pollakiuria"
Frequent urination, or urinary frequency (Pollakiuria is the scientific terminology for the same), is the need to urinate more often than usual. It is often, though not necessarily, associated with urinary incontinence and polyuria (large total volume of urine). However, in other cases, urinary frequency involves only normal volumes of urine overall.
The morbidity associated with the Wertheim-Meigs operation is substantial. The most important complications are ureteral, ureterovaginal, and vesicovaginal fistulae, appearing during the immediate postoperative convalescence period or later mainly in patients who received subsequent radiotherapy. Other complications are described: intraoperative hemorrhage due to pelvic large vessel lesion, ureter or bladder accidental section, abdominal wall dehiscence, ureteral obstruction causing hydronephrosis and renal exclusion, disorders such as urinary incontinence, pollakiuria, vesical atony, often accompanied by urinary tract infection and hematuria.
Regardless of cause, there is a common set of symptoms, which includes frequent trips to the litter box (pollakiuria), prolonged squatting and straining during attempts to urinate (dysuria), small amounts of urine voided in each attempt, blood in the urine (hematuria) and urinating outside of the litter box. Owners with outdoor cats may not be able to observe the symptoms associated with litter box use and should watch for unusual behavioral changes.