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Examples of "poloists"
Donyi-Poloists describe the "Donyi-Polo" nature of the universe as the eyes of human conscience. Happiness is given through right action, and right action is that which follows the order of nature (Donyi-Polo).
11 players scored during the three games of the tournament, including 5 of Belgium's poloists. The Belgian captain's 8 goals led the field, and he also gained the distinctions of having scored in each of the three games as well as the single-game high goal count at 6.
Great Britain sent a polo team to the Olympics for the fourth time in 1924. Great Britain was the only nation to send poloists to each Olympic polo tournament. The team beat both of the other European teams, France and Spain, but lost to each of the American teams, Argentina and the United States, in the round-robin tournament to finish with the bronze medal.
Seventeen USC poloists have participated in the Olympics and Trojans have made various All-American teams 140 times. Some of the more prominent names in USC water polo history are Ron Severa, Wally Wolf, Charles Bittick, Greg Fink, Greg Fults, Zach Stimson, Craig Furniss, Charles Harris, Robert Lynn, Drew Netherton, Hrvoje Cizmic, Marko Zagar, Simun Cimerman, Marko Pintaric, George Csaszar, Pedraj Damjanov, Bozidar Damjanovic and Juraj Zatovic (who in 2005 was USC's first-ever male winner of the Peter J. Cutino Award as the National Player of the Year).