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neapoli              aigio              orestiada              chalkidiki              gastouni              kalyvia              pyli              argyroupoli              agrinio              sofades              neochori              vasilika              makrakomi              pefki              filiatra              kissamos              karpenisi              amfilochia              theodoroi              rafina              plomari              filothei              evrytania              agioi              ptolemaida              oinoi              evosmos              thermi              elliniko              kryoneri              levidi              amaliada              myloi              magoula              polykastro              sykies              arnaia              konitsa              filippiada              cholargos              almyros              lechaina              kalampaka              imathia              kyparissia              siatista              diakopto              markopoulo              kyllini              dimitsana             

Examples of "polygyros"
Yerakini is at a distance of 14.5 km (9 mi.) from Polygyros, 77 km (48 mi.) from Thessaloniki, via Polygyros, or 78 km, via Nea Moudania, and 66 km (41 mi.) from the Thessaloniki International Airport.
"Niki" (victory) is the name of Polygyros' football club, which participates in the Greek National Fourth Division Professional League. "AOP" (Athletic Club of Polygyros) is the local basketball team, participant in the Third National Basketball Division.
It belongs to the Municipality of Polygyros, the capital town of Chalkidiki.
The town of Polygyros is first mentioned in a medieval imperial document, "chryssovoulon" (with golden stamp), of Eastern Roman Emperor Nikephoros III Botaneiates about 1080 CE. In 1430, as the rest of the Eastern Roman Empire, Polygyros was conquered by the Ottomans and belonged to the Sanjak of Thessaloniki. On 17 May 1821 the people of Polygyros rose against the Ottoman authority and managed, temporarily, to expel the Ottoman guard. Many residents of Polygyros took part in the 1854's unsuccessful revolutionary movement against the Ottomans.
The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros is a museum in Polygyros, Chalkidiki, in Greece. The museum is located in Iroou Square in the town centre and displays representative archaeological finds from all over Chalkidiki. More specifically, they cover a span of time ranging from the Bronze Age to the Roman period and come from ancient Stageira (near Olympias), Toroni, Pyrgadikia, Aphytos, Polygyros, Ierissos, Stratoni, as also from the ancient city of Olynthos.
The Folklore Museum of Polygyros is located in Polygyros, the capital city of Chalkidiki regional unit in Central Macedonia, Greece. It opened on May 1998 on the initiative of the Women's Voluntary Association for Community Development, a local group that has been organising folklore-related events for the past twenty years. The museum is located in the town centre in the renovated two-storey residence of the former mayor of Polygyros, Mr Karaganis, who donated it for the purpose.
Polygyros (Greek: Πολύγυρος) is a town and municipality in Central Macedonia, Greece. It is the capital of Chalkidiki.
Its largest towns are Nea Moudania (Νέα Μουδανιά), Nea Kallikrateia (Νέα Καλλικράτεια) and the capital town of Polygyros (Πολύγυρος).
Kalyves Polygyrou means “Huts of Polygyros” as the first inhabitants, farmers, who settled from Polygyros in the late 1800s and early 1900s, had small houses as homesteads for the cultivation of their land in the area, ever since belonging to its municipality administration (municipal unit).
The municipality Polygyros was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 4 former municipalities, that became municipal units:
Born in Polygyros, Greece, he directed such films as "Ta vaporakia", "Stigma", "Parangelia!", "To vary... peponi", "Oi prostates", and "Nai men, alla..."
Taxiárchis is a village located near Mount Holomontas in Polygyros, Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia, Greece. Chapel of Agia Paraskevi is located in the village.
Greek National Road 16A is a national highway in Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia, Greece. It connects Polygyros with Greek National Road 16 near Agios Prodromos.
The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros has exhibits containing findings from all over Halkidiki and referring to paleolithical and neolithical age, geometric, archaic, classic, hellenistic and Roman period.
Thanks to the exhibition, the Polygyros Museum won the 16th Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities’ Museum of the Year Award in 1998.
In Chalkidiki, he designed the Polygyros high school, such as the schools of Ormylia, Nikiti, Vasilika, Vrastama, Sykia and Parthenonas villages.
Finally, on November 2, 1912 the Greek army, as one of the winners of the First Balkan War, entered Polygyros and incorporated the town in the Greek State.
Museum is currently closed for complete reconstruction. The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros was closed in January 2012 and reconstruction began in May 2012. Completion of reconstruction is expected sometime in summer 2014.
Its geographical position offers the option to travelers to travel to and from Thessaloniki either by the frequent bus route (from Thessaloniki to Sarti) (KTEL), or by car or other vehicle, via Polygyros or Nea Moudania.
Chalkidiki Province was one of the provinces of the Chalkidiki Prefecture, Greece. Its territory corresponded with that of the current municipalities Kassandra, Nea Propontida, Polygyros, and Sithonia. It was abolished in 2006.