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Examples of "polypontian"
The Polypontian army is split into divisions, each with its own color. The black army is composed entirely of veterans and is considered the elite force of Polypontia.
The Polypontian Empire, led by General Scipio Bellorum, have lost few battles, never a war, and have taken control of most of the countries around them, save Icemark and some others. They are "supposed" to improve the world with Science and a better quality of life and are inspired by the Romans. It is in one of these Polypontian territorial wars that Redrought sacrifices his entire army, including himself when the last soldier kills him in a surprise attack. He does this to give Thirrin time to prepare to fight off the rest of the empire's forces, make an alliance with the Wolf Folk, evacuate Frostmarris (Capital of Icemark) before the entire Polypontian army invades. After defeating a small Polypontian army, Thirrin succeeds in reaching the Hypolitan people, an Amazon-like tribe, who were forced out of their lands for they could not live the way they wanted to, much like the exodus of the Hebrews. She is disheartened however, when several Wolf-Folk spies come back with her father's dead body. As a result, Thirrin becomes Queen of the tiny northern country. She embarks on a quest to find new allies for the Icemark, resulting in alliances with the Vampires and the mythical and ferocious Snow Leopards. Later, as the harsh winter's ices begin to thaw, the Polypontian army begins to advance. Queen Thirrin's army of her own Housecarls, the Snow Leopards, the Wolf-Folk, and Vampires are waiting for them.
The Cry of the Icemark is the first book in the Icemark Chronicles by English author Stuart Hill. The plot revolves around thirteen-year-old princess Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, as she must fight to save her small home, the Icemark, from the invading Polypontian Empire.
The Polypontian Empire has conquered much of the known world in recent years, much thanks to its fearsome general, Scipio Bellorum. Bellorum has finally decided to invade his small neighbor to the north, the Icemark. After King Redrought sacrifices his entire army to stop the invasion, Thirrin, his daughter, is left alone to save the nation.
Back home Medea spells the minds of the Icemarks' command and starts poisoning the family from within so they walk into a trap by The Polypontian forces. She does this in retaliation for her brother Cerdic being mean to her. Cerdic dies in the battle. This is when Medea decides to become evil and walk the paths of The Dark.
Elemnestra was the leader of the Hypolitan. She was also Thirrin's aunt. She led the horse archer warriors of the Hypolitan, and was married to Olememmnon, Thirrin's uncle. Elemnestra was killed with her mounted archers to save the fyrd and the cavalry, in a battle against the Polypontian cannons.
Thirrin recognised early that there was a need for new allies; Thirrin suggested The Icemark approach The Land-of-the-Ghosts. Though enemies of The Icemark, the vampire King and Queen and their undead peoples might join them against the Polypontian Empire for their mutual benefit and safety.
The sons of Scipio Bellorum, Sulla and Octavius are especially vicious. Sulla commands the Polypontian Artillery, and Octavius commands the cavalry. Sulla kills Cerdic in the battle of the Asgard Cut. They are eventually killed in battle by Cressida and Sharley.
The Polypontian empire bears certain similarities to the historical Roman Empire; many Polyponian names resemble Roman names. For example, Scipio Bellorum's name is a combination of the Roman general Scipio Africanus and Bellum, the Latin for war, and his sons Octavius and Sulla are similarly named after Augustus, born Gaius Octavius Thurinus, and Lucius Cornelius Sulla, respectively. Further, the name "polypontian", referring to the many bridges in the empire, may reference the engineering prowess of the ancient Romans. Other evidence that supports this conclusion can be found in the history of a Celtic tribe called the Iceni that lived in what is now Norfolk, Britain and was under the control of the Roman Empire. After its king died the Empire annexed the tribes land, leading to his wife, Boudica, taking control of the tribe and revolting against the Empire. There are marked similarities between Boudica and Thirrin; bright red hair, a piercing gaze, and a certain bluntness of speech.
Thirrin and Tharaman-Thar(leader of the snow leopards) fight various battles without the help of other allies. In one fight, Thirrin's aunt dies. In another, Oskan, seeing that Thirrin is in danger, calls down lightning, which kills many Polypontian troops, but almost kills him too. Later, Oskan is healed miraculously, but for Thirrin things gets harder. In one of the last battles, General Scipio Bellorum himself fights with Thirrin in a challenge, where Thirrin cuts his hand off. In the last battle, with Thirrin's army outnumbered and the Black Army (Polypontian "armies", which may be the equivalent of a corps in a modern army, are differentiated between using colours rather than numbers) arrives, Oskan, having recovered during the battle, rings a bell and calls "The allies are here." General Scipio Bellorum's army gets frightened to see unnatural people coming. The vampires and the snowy owls drink the blood of many soldiers and the were-wolves tear the soldiers apart. The Holly king and the Oak king's army arrives with their summoned creatures of the wood. Thirrin wins the battle when the Polypontian Empire flees. The story ends with the preparations for Yule, which parallels the opening.
Oak King is the ruler of the Great Forest in the summer, while the Holly King is the ruler during the winter. Thirrin first meets the Holly King when she goes back to check on her injured stable hand. Thirrin then meets the Oak King when she was being attacked by the Polypontian on the way of finding refuge from their greatest allies, the Hypolitan. During the end of the war the Holly and the Oak King join the battle against the Polypontians.
Two years have passed since The Icemark managed to defeat the Polypontian Empire in Blade of Fire. This has caused the Polypontians to break up and many civil wars have started to take their place. With the defeat of the Polypontians at the end of the second book, there is now another enemy of the Icemark. That settles on Erinor of Artemision and her dinosaur cavalry of Tri-horns, creatures described to look like warrior Triceratops, and Oskan's father Cronus, his Ice Demons and his granddaughter, Medea.
King Redrought is the father of Thirrin, and previously the King of the Icemark. Although he is loud and fierce, he enjoys furry slippers, and dotes on the Royal Kitten, Primplepuss. He is The Icemark's longest serving ruler and had fought off enemies like the Corsairs and Vampires. He managed to wipe out the Polypontian's first invading army, but paid the ultimate price: his life and the life of all others who had been fighting, the Icemark's army as well as the Empire's. He had taken the axe of Lady Theowin and killed the last of the Polypontian army. He is then taken to Valhalla by what can be assumed to be Valkayries for his afterlife.
Erinor's dinosaur cavalry move in on what remains of the Polypontian Empire, fully intending to move on to the Icemark afterward and to murder anyone that has a bloodline containing that of the northern Hypolitan. Responding to a plea for help from the Empire, a reluctant Thirrin leads her army into the heart of what was once enemy territory in order to prevent them from invading Icemark as well. Thirrin's strong prejudice against the Polypontians is transformed upon meeting their emperor, who is only a young boy, not yet in his teens, and she realizes that everything she hated about their Empire came from the Bellorum clan. However, by invading the Empire to confront Erinor, the Icemark is left open for an invasion from the Darkness (Cronus and his ice demons).
Two years have passed since The Icemark defeated The Polypontian Empire in "Blade of Fire". This has caused the Polypontians to break up and many civil wars have started to take their place with the defeat of the Polypontians at the end of the second book, The role of antagonist then settles on Erinor of Artemision and her Tri-horns (Triceratops used as command platforms/siege weapons, similar to war elephants), and Oskan's father Cronus, his Ice Demons and his granddaughter, Medea. Erinor's dinosaur cavalry move in on what remains of the Polypontian Empire, fully intending to move on to the Icemark afterwards. Responding to a plea for help from the Empire, a reluctant Thirrin leads her army into the heart of what was once enemy territory. Initially, Thirrin hates having to work with the Polypontians, however upon meeting their emperor (who is only a young boy, not yet in his teens) she realizes that everything she hated about the Empire comes from the Bellorum clan. With them gone, feelings towards the Empire, though still embittered by previous wars, begin thawing. However, by invading the Empire to confront Erinor, the Icemark is left open to an invasion from the Darkness (Cronus and his ice demons). Fortunately, because the Vampire Queen chooses to remain behind, she and her vampires are able to defend the Icemark, launching raids and ambushes on the ice demons. Although the Vampire Queen knows she cannot win, she harries their efforts. Oskan, entrusted with the secret knowledge that Dark Adepts cannot kill the ones they love without dying, defeats Cronus and Medea at the cost of his own life.
Erinor leads her hordes to try to take over the collapsing Polypontian Empire. She is a radical of the Hypolitan and believes all men are of a lower kind and worth nothing more than to serve their wives, and belong to their mothers until they are married, in which they belong to their wives. She also believes she is the direct messenger of the Goddess and must sacrifice to her in order to win the war, sacrificing her favorite puppy when she was eight and her beloved husband before the final battle. It is unknown to her that she was really being guided by Cronus, who abandoned her once she had served the purpose of distracting the Icemark while he invaded the physical realms, leaving the arrogant military commander he left behind to be killed by Thirrin.
Medea Lindenshield is the youngest daughter of Thirrin and Oskan. Throughout the book, she is portrayed as beautiful and mysteriously detached from her family, and as a loner. She is deeply jealous of Sharley and turns traitor on her family, helping the Polypontian army in secret. When given the choice between Light and Dark she chooses Dark. She attempts to murder Sharley on more than one occasion and her actions lead to her brother Cerdic's death. Her father eventually discovers her betrayal and banishes her to The Circle Of Dark. She returns in The Last Battle Of The Icemark more powerful and with the aid of her grandfather Cronus, but is destroyed, due to Oskan's sacrifice.
Oskan is the son of White Annis, a powerful witch. He lived quietly in his cave in the Great Forest for 15 years until he met Thirrin, after he gave shelter to her and her hunting party during a storm. Thirrin liked him, and after she became Queen, he became one of her Royal Advisors. His heritage is somewhat of a mystery; his unknown father is supposedly of an ancient and powerful race. This race must once in their lives choose between the Light and the Dark; during his and Thirrin's trip to the Land of the Ghosts, he chooses to follow the Light. Oskan is very pale and has jet-black hair. He is a warlock with healing powers and can read the weather, he also calls on the soldiers of the Holly King and Oak King whenever Thirrin wants to send a message to them. He does not know that he is a warlock until the Vampire Queen tells him, Thirrin, their escort of wolf-folk, their human escort, King Grishmak, and the other Vampires in the room when Thirrin goes to the land of the ghosts to forge an alliance with their Vampiric Majesties. When they get back to the Hypolitan, Wenlock Witchmother and the others with the Gift are there to greet Oskan. Wenlock tells him that he is the most powerful warlock in history so far and that he would be her successor, as Oskan Witchfather, only the second of his kind. During one battle with the Polypontian Empire, he risks his life to save Thirrin, Tharaman-Thar, and their soldiers from certain death by drawing down lightning. It strikes him and he must go down to the cellars where a place has been prepared for him so he can heal. When he is fully healed, he runs from the cellar to ring the solstice bell to tell Thirrin that the allies have come, and they defeat the Polypontian Army for the last battle. He later becomes Thirrin's consort, as we find out in the second book, "Blade of Fire", which takes place about 20 years later. He destroys Medea and Cronus in the last book, losing his life as well. He was one of the most powerful beings in the universe and was strong enough to control the darkness, not let it take over his soul.
Scipio Bellorum is the greatest general the Polypontian Empire has ever had. He has added numerous countries and provinces to the Empire. He has never lost a war, or even a battle he personally commanded. He is personally feared, as he often slaughters his own troops and officers to make a point, or for the lack of zeal in war. In one battle, he comes out to lead his army for himself and openly challenges Thirrin to one-on-one combat, no interferences. She managed to cut off his hand with his sword still in it, and would have killed him if his army hadn't broken the rules and charged in to protect their general. He was killed at the end of "Blade of Fire" by Thirrin and then eaten by the Vampire Queen, whose husband (the Vampire King) was killed by Bellorum. He also has two sons, Octavious and Sulla, with whom are both killed by Sharley and Cressida. In an interview in 2010, Hill stated that "Scipio Bellorum is based heavily on Jeremy Irons, in his best “clipped English baddy mode”".
Thirrin is the scion of the ruling house of Lindenshield. Although her father wishes for her to be well-learned, she hates the classroom, and would often rather be out training with the Housecarls. She has wild red hair like her father, and bright green eyes. At the beginning of the novel, she is thirteen years old; shortly after the novel begins she turns fourteen at Yule, and is proclaimed the heir of the throne. Lady Theowin was worried that the Polypontian empire was getting restless, and she was right. A werewolf comes and is first to warn them that the Empire's army has invaded. During one of her hunting outings, a bear badly wounded one of her soldiers and a storm starts up. Oskan Witch's Son, later known as Oskan the Warlock, gives them shelter in his cave. Oskan is a healer among other things, and can understand wolf-folk speech. They become good friends, and later she goes on a journey with him to make allies. They first go to the Vampire King and Queen, and the Vampires reluctantly agree. She then goes to the Hub of the World to make an alliance with Tharaman-Thar, ruler of the giant Snow Leopards that live there. She is one of the main characters in the story.