Synonyms for pootha or Related words with pootha

iniyum              nirangal              virunnukari              nimishangal              kshamichu              puthri              nyayavidhi              vilikkunnu              thumbolarcha              cheppu              kudumba              sambhavam              paravaigal              snehicha              pennu              ennoru              poocha              kaattile              sookshikkuka              swargam              manushyan              baduku              vazhga              kannukal              veedhi              ninakku              illatha              sukham              kathreena              kodalu              mangalya              pareeksha              kunkuma              bandhangal              manathe              moonnu              sphodanam              piranna              kaattu              puthu              patham              adiyozhukkukal              varavu              swargathil              pambaram              ponnana              maravil              anubandham              bhagyada              thokkukal             

Examples of "pootha"
The neighbouring villages include Pootha Husainpur (1.3 km), Anwarpur (1.5 km), Girdharpur Tumrail (1.9 km), Nizampur(3 km), Nan(2.6 km). Nearest Towns are Hapur (6.3 km), Dhaulana (9.6 km), Bhojpur (14.1 km), Muradnagar (22.4 km). Hapur, Achhaija, Ahmadpur Naya Gaon, Akdauli, Alampur, Allipur Mugalpur are the villages along with this village in the same Hapur Mandal.
Sirayil Pootha Chinna Malar (Tamil: சிறையில் பூத்த சின்ன மலர்) is a 1990 Indian Tamil film, directed by Amirtham and produced by M. Gopi. The film stars Vijayakanth, Bhanupriya, Shanthipriya and Rajesh in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja. It was later dubbed in Telegu as "Rowdeelaku Rowdy".
Procession is one of the main attractions of Thiyyattu. A number of procession coming to Vairamkode with folk forms like Pootha, Thira, Kattalan, or Pulikkali from nearby villages and places. Most of the procession carries Eratta Kala (the huge decorated effigies of bullocks. Fireworks are performed after midnight. Kanalattam (Devotees walking around and on live coal) perform in the early morning.
Some of the other names for it include "shaileyam" in Sanskrit / Gokshura, "kalpasi" in Tamil, "Dagar da Phool" in Punjabi, "dagad phool" in Marathi, "Raathi Pootha" in Telugu "Kallu hoovu" in Kannada and "patthar ke phool" in Hindi, "Bojhwar" in northern India.
Pootharekulu (పూతరేకులు, plural) or Poothareku (పూతరేకు, singular) is a popular sweet from Atreyapuram, East Godavari, India. 'Pootha' is coating and 'Reku' (plural Rekulu) is sheet in Telugu. PoothaRekulu are also known as ‘Paper sweets’ as they give the appearance of folded paper.
Nalapat was the uncle of poet Balamani Amma and the grand uncle of renowned writer Kamala Surayya (Madhavikutty or Kamala Das) and Dr. Suvarna Nalapt, writer and music therapy researcher. He is fondly referred to as "Valiyammavan" by Madhavikutty in her books such as "Neermathalam Pootha Kaalam". "Lokantharangalil" was an elegy by Balamani Amma on the death of Nalapat Narayana Menon.
Kamala Das wrote on a diverse range of topics, often disparate- from the story of a poor old servant, about the sexual disposition of upper middle class women living near a metropolitan city or in the middle of the ghetto. Some of her better-known stories include "Pakshiyude Manam", "Neypayasam", "Thanuppu", and "Chandana Marangal". She wrote a few novels, out of which "Neermathalam Pootha Kalam", which was received favourably by the reading public as well as the critics, stands out.