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Examples of "porchet"
The genus "Dehornia" Porchet-Hennerk 1972 is considered to be a synonym of this genus
This genus was described by Porchet in 1978 in specimens collected in Boulogne, France.
Porcher is a French language word meaning "swineherd" (from Old French "porc"), from which a metonymic surname is derived. Variants of the surname include Le Porcher, Porchier, Porquier, Porquiez, Pourcher, Pourchaire, Porchet, Porchel, Porchat and Pourchet; and also diminutive forms Porcheray, Porcheret, Porcherot and Porcherel.
Meanwhile, he wrote, "De Verdun à Cayenne" (ISBN 978-2-84654-150-3)(From Verdun to Cayenne), the true story of Robert Porchet, peace activist from the beginning the 20th century, after three years of military service, he went to the battlefields of the First World War. His desertion after the Battle of Verdun, his capture and his life in the penal colony of Cayenne until the War Resisters' International succeeded to shorten his sentence and once obtained he went back to France.
Jacques Feyder received a film commission from two Swiss producers, Dimitri de Zoubaleff and Arthur-Adrien Porchet, who were based in Lausanne, and he offered them "Visages d'enfants". Feyder wrote his own original screenplay, assisted by his wife Françoise Rosay, taking a modern and unsentimental view of unhappy childhood and giving a psychologically realistic view of all the characters. He also embedded the story in a "social study of an isolated Catholic community's rituals and customs, in a landscape that alternately separates, endangers, and forces people closer together".