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Examples of "pornographers"
Billy Jack takes on child pornographers in New York City.
The team is tributed in The New Pornographers' song "Challengers".
In September 2014 Kurt Dahle left The New Pornographers.
Berth Milton is the name of two Swedish pornographers:
Condon also appeared on The New Pornographers' fifth album, "Together".
Born in Kyoto, Kondō made his film debut in Shohei Imamura's "The Pornographers" in 1966.
The band's sound has been compared to Built to Spill, The New Pornographers, and Superchunk.
The New Pornographers is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
In 2017 Waxahatchee announced that they would be touring with The New Pornographers.
He also contributed background vocals to The New Pornographers' 2010 album, "Together".
Martin & Muñoz provide the cover and interior art for the New Pornographers' album "Together".
Friday: Wavves, Mavis Staples, The New Pornographers, The Black Keys, The Strokes
In 2000 Apostolof was canonized as the "patron saint of the pornographers" in the Church of Ed Wood.
The video bears a resemblance to the music video for The New Pornographers' song "Letter from an Occupant".
Newman is married to Christy Simpson, formerly the marketing manager at Matador Records, the New Pornographers' record label.
In the May 2006 issue of "GQ", A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers nominated the SC5 as his "unsung heroes."
Their Mint Records debut, "Ones and Zeros", came out on September 6, 2005, and they supported the album with a tour of Canada and the United States. That year, Calder became a member of The New Pornographers, appearing on the album "Twin Cinema" and touring with the band. She is the niece of New Pornographers leader A.C. Newman.
His novel, "The Pornographers", was translated into English by Michael Gallagher and published in 1968. It was also filmed as "The Pornographers" by Shohei Imamura. In December 1978, he was credited for giving former rugby player-turned pro wrestler Susumu Hara his ring name, Ashura Hara.
Kathryn Jane Calder (born June 17, 1982) is a Canadian indie rock musician, who performs as a solo artist, and is a member of the band The New Pornographers. She is a former member of Immaculate Machine. Calder started with The New Pornographers by filling in for Neko Case for live performances and was made a permanent member in 2006.
The first business venture of pioneering British pornographers David Sullivan and David Gold was selling soft pornography photos by mail order at the end of the 1960s.