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cercidium              melampodium              weinmannia              sessiliflora              randia              clethra              chamaesyce              verbesina              salicifolia              ellipticum              talisia              sonorae              mikania              cephalanthus              chrysantha              corymbosa              latifolium              micrantha              staphylea              alchornea              thyrsiflora              colubrina              dasylirion              bracteata              laurifolius              microcarpa              speciosum              brosimum              laxiflora              pouteria              virola              longiflora              pedicellata              cotula              meliosma              auriculata              breviflora              oblongifolia              leucantha              acalypha              radlk              euclea              lanatum              obtusifolium              grindelia              pauciflorus              themeda              multifida              arracacia              lancifolia             

Examples of "porophyllum"
Porophyllum is a genus of flowering plants in the marigold tribe within the daisy family known commonly as the poreleaf genus.
Porophyllum linaria (pipicha, pepicha, chepiche) is a sunny short-lived perennial plant used in Mexican cooking, where it is often used to flavor meat dishes. It has a strong taste akin to fresh cilantro with overtones of lemon and anise.
numerous species formerly regarded as members of "Santolina" but now judged better suited to other genera: "Achillea Athanasia Anthemis Calea Cladanthus Helenium Isocarpha Lasiospermum Lonas Matricaria Oedera Porophyllum Salmea Tanacetum"
Porophyllum gracile is a species of flowering plant in the aster family known by the common names odora and slender poreleaf. It is native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States from California to Texas, where it can be found in rocky and sandy desert scrub habitat.
Having been used by many cultures, Porophyllum ruderale is known by many names, including Bolivian coriander, "quillquiña" (also spelled "quirquiña" or "quilquiña"), "yerba porosa", "killi", "pápalo", "tepegua", "mampuritu" and "pápaloquelite". Despite the name "Bolivian coriander", this plant is not botanically related to Coriandrum sativum.
Porophyllum ruderale is an herbaceous annual plant whose leaves can be used for seasoning food. The taste has been described as "somewhere between arugula, cilantro and rue." The plant is commonly grown in Mexico and South America for use in salsas. When fully grown, this plant grows to about 5 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter.
Bajacalia is a genus of three flowering plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae. The genus was erected in 2003 to house two species moved from genus "Porophyllum", now named "Bajacalia tridentata" and "B. crassifolia". The third was newly described at the time and named "Bajacalia moranii". These plants are native to Baja California in Mexico (States of Baja California and Baja California Sur); one species ("B. crassifolia")also has been found on Tiburón Island, part of Sonora. They have succulent leaves and yellow flowers.
The native plants are maguey ("agave americana"), cardón or cholla ("cylindropuntia imbricata"), nopal or pickly pear ("opuntia ficus-indica"), viznaga or golden barrel ("echinocactus"), órgano or fencepost cactus ("pachycereus marginatus"), garambullo or billberry cactus ("myrtillocactus geometrizans"), palo dulce ("eysenhardtia polystachya"), mesquite ("prosopis juliflora"), ahuehuete ("taxodium mucronatum"), encino or netleaf oak ("quercus rugosa"), tepozán ("buddleja cordata"), huizache ("vachellia farnesiana"), cedro or white cedar ("cupressus lusitanica"), sause or willow ("salix"), xaixne or creosote bush ("larrea tridentata"), dingandán or pepicha ("porophyllum linaria"), depe or creeping false holly ("Jaltomata procumbens"), tule ("schoenoplectus acutus"), carrizo ("phragmites communis"), and fruit trees as tejocote ("crataegus mexicana"), capulin ("prunus serotina"), white sapote ("casimiroa edulis").