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Examples of "porret"
Jérémy Faug-Porret (born 4 February 1987) is a French professional footballer who plays for Servette as a defender.
Joan is a character in "Les Rois maudits" ("The Accursed Kings"), a series of French historical novels by Maurice Druon. She was portrayed by Ghislaine Porret in the 1972 French miniseries adaptation of the series.
She started drawing and writing poetry in secret circa 1920, but most of her early work has been destroyed; director of the hospital Hans Steck and general practitioner Jacqueline Porret-Forel first took an interest in 1936, and her work was finally discovered by Dubuffet in 1947. He believed Aloïse cured herself by ceasing to fight against her illness, by choosing to cultivate it and make use of it instead.
In chemistry, towards the end of 1808, Porret found that by treating prussic acid with sulphuretted hydrogen a new acid was formed, which he first termed prussous acid. For this investigation he was awarded a medal by the Society of Arts. In 1814 he discovered the qualitative composition of the acid, and showed that it was formed by the union of prussic acid and sulphur, and termed it "sulphuretted chyazic acid". The later name "sulpho-cyanic acid" was given by Thomas Thomson,and its quantitative composition was determined in 1820 by Berzelius.