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prepress              platemaking              reprographic              xeikon              postpressing              diecutting              docucolor              plateless              preflighting              jdf              lithrone              coldset              despool              bookbinding              supercalendering              reprinting              nexpress              hatschek              caneles              collators              despooler              typesetter              jobthe              bindery              postprocessing              nonperfecting              ddcp              supercalender              platesetting              multiplaten              printstream              minilab              preprinting              collator              digimaster              photogravure              photocopying              secondssubsequent              proofers              webfed              despooling              defiberizing              bookmaking              tissuemaking              managecredits              jobticket              jobendstateevent              riping              jukogyo              danweb             

Examples of "postpress"
Gathering and Stitching machines or Saddle-Stitcher are printing postpress machines used to collate and stitch multiple signatures. The machine then cuts the stapled signatures so that the booklets may be opened.
Job Definition Format (JDF) is a technical standard being developed by the graphic arts industry to facilitate cross-vendor workflow implementations of the application domain. It is an XML format about job ticket, message description, and message interchange. JDF is managed by CIP4, the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress Organization. JDF was initiated by Adobe Systems, Agfa, Heidelberg and MAN Roland in 1999 but handed over to CIP3 at Drupa 2000. CIP3 then renamed itself CIP4.
The Edward W. Estlow Printing Plant in Denver was established when the Denver Newspaper Agency spent $100 million to upgrade its operation. The upgrade included five new presses, postpress and computer-to-plate equipment, new production software and an automated storage and retrieval system. The plant began operation in late 2006, printing both the "Denver Post" and the "Rocky Mountain News" (which closed operations in 2009).
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG () is a German precision mechanical engineering company with head offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg). It is a manufacturer of offset printing presses sold globally. The company has a worldwide market share of more than 47% in this area and is the largest global manufacturer of printing presses. Sheet-fed offset printing is used predominantly for high-quality, multi-colour products, such as catalogues, calendars, posters, and labels. Heidelberg produces equipment for prepress, press and postpress, and is the only company in the world that does so.
The Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design is a biannual peer-reviewed open access academic journal covering research and papers in the field of graphic engineering, prepress, press, postpress, packaging, colour and quality management, 3D printing, functional printing, material and measurement science, ecology, and waste management, visual perception, visual communications and media, electronic publishing and new media, graphic design, industrial and product design, typography, and photography. It was established in 2010 and is published by the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Technical Sciences. The editors-in-chief are Dragoljub Novaković and Nemanja Kašiković.