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Examples of "potgeiter"
Material support was provided by South Africa as well. Sources reported as early as 1981 that South Africa was assisting the Lucas regime in the construction of an armaments factory in Guatemala. In November 1984, high ranking South African Generals L.B. Erasmus and Alexander Potgeiter headed an SADF delegation to Guatemala which toured Guatemalan military bases and installations and held talks with high-ranking officials of the Mejia Victores government to discuss continued military aid.
The Territorals and 10 Troop made a sweep of the river line, but on rounding a bend in the stream were suddenly fired upon by the hidden guerrillas. A sergeant from the TF was killed, as well as Rifleman Hennie Potgeiter of the RLI. RLI Rifleman Ken Lucas suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. The insurgents now held their fire to prevent giving their position away. Incorrectly believing from the inactivity that the cadres had fled, and thinking that the two fallen soldiers were still alive, Major Hank Meyer ordered the leader of 7 Troop, Lieutenant Joe du Plooy, to sweep around the river and send Coey out to treat the men.
At the 1958 Commonwealth Games he improved his record to 49.73. At 23 he, had achieved the world's best time in the event 49.3 (on a single turn, oversized track which disqualified any official world record). Potgeiter was a favorite for the Gold Medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics, but was seriously injured in an automobile accident in Germany two weeks before the Olympics, effectively ending his career at the age of 23 years. Despite a partial loss of sight, after years of physical therapy, he did manage to return to win the South African championship in the Decathlon in 1966. After 1956's disappointment in Melbourne, he proceeded to hit the world record four times.
Rhodes could bend iron bars across her knee, in her mouth and around her arm or neck. She ripped telephone directories, often ripping two simultaneously and ripping others into quarters. She lifted large men over her head or into her arms, including 450 lb boxer Ewart Potgeiter and giant Ted Evans, who reportedly weighed over 480 lbs. She frequently ended her act by lifting four male audience members at the same time. Other parts of her stage routine included allowing men to try to bend iron bars before she would, arm-wrestling two men at once (one with each hand as each man was allowed to use two arms), lifting jeeps and small cars and pushing them offstage while men sat in them, and defeating a team of four men in tugs of war.