Synonyms for potissimum or Related words with potissimum

recensuit              praesertim              observationibus              breviter              commentatio              oxonii              accedunt              commentariis              scholiis              complectens              variis              sumptibus              edidit              variarum              collegit              impensis              tabulis              auctoribus              quibusdam              berolini              historiam              codicibus              habitae              aliisque              hujus              graecis              regionum              quibus              continens              scriptis              codicum              eiusdem              sistens              linguam              necnon              germanici              aliorumque              observata              explicatio              ipsius              petrum              philosophi              alterum              specierum              editionis              annotationes              saturae              duae              quaedam              eorumque             

Examples of "potissimum"
Exact notation to the hexachord system can be found in a reproduction of "Ameri Practica artis musice" (1271), or in the 1784 source "Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum".
At the end of the Gospel of John it has subscription . Tischendorf, by the aid of "Ant. Pilgrami's Calendarium chronologum medii potissimum aevi monumentis accommodatum" (Vienna 1781), states that the only year between 800 and 950, with November 27 on a Thursday, was 844.
The epithets that can be identified are: "Cozeuios", i.e. "Conseuius" the Sower, which opens the carmen and is attested as an old form of "Consivius" in Tertullian; "Patultius": the Opener; "Iancus" or "Ianeus": the Gatekeeper; "Duonus Cerus": the Good Creator; "rex" king (potissimum melios eum "recum": the most powerful and best of kings); "diuum patrem (partem)": father of the gods (or part of the gods); "diuum deus": god of the gods; "ianitos": the Janitor, Gatekeeper.
First Sentence: "Mysterii Paschalis celebrationem potissimum habere in religioso christianorum cultu momentum, eandemque per dierum, hebdomadarum totiusque anni explicari cursum, dilucide sacrosancto Concilio Vaticano II docemur. Ex quo sequitur, opus esse, ut idem paschale Christi mysterium in instauratione anni liturgici, cuius normae ab ipsa Sancta Synodo tradita sunt, in clariore luce ponatur, sive ad ordinationem Proprii, quod vocant, de Tempore ac de Sanctis, sive ad Calendarii Romani recognitionem quod attinet."
In 1883 he obtained his doctorate at Paris with a dissertation-thesis on Sulpicius Severus, titled ""Grammaticæ in Sulpicium Severum observationes potissimum ad vulgarem latinum sermonem pertinentes"". Later on his career, he became a professor of grammar and philology at the University of Paris. He served as director of the Association Guillaume Budé, and in 1923 was elected a member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres.
The Maryland State Bar Association dedicated another bronze memorial tablet, over 6 feet in height, to these six Baltimore attorneys, plus one other Maryland lawyer, who died in the war, in the main entrance hall at the Maryland Court of Appeals in Annapolis on January 11, 1921. It was designed and executed by the Baltimore sculptor Ephraim Keyser and "represents the lawyer, turning in answer to his country's call, from his life work in his chosen profession, to serve its need on the field of battle." The pedestal altar reads in part, "In grateful memory of the Lawyers of Maryland who lost their lives in the Great War while serving in the armed forces of their country. 1917–1918, "O fortunata mors quae naturae debita pro patria est potissimum reddita." (O fortunate the death, the debt to nature owed by all, Paid by them in advance for their country's cause. Horace)