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henning_christophersen              mariann_fischer_boel              ulla_tørnæs              santer_marín              lena_hjelm_wallén              indenrigs              margrethe_vestager              ritt_bjerregaard              espen_barth_eide              kaarina_suonio              bertel_haarder              margot_wallström              liisa_hyssälä              wilhelm_haferkamp              dppu              johannes_lebech              karel_van_miert              gunnar_bragi_sveinsson              jan_tore_sanner              gunilla_carlsson              henna_virkkunen              sten_tolgfors              henk_vredeling              hans_wijers              fälldinola              andris_piebalgs              astrid_thors              ögmundur_jónasson              labourlabour_minister              finn_berstad              esa_timonen              christoffer_taxell              liisa_jaakonsaari              neven_mimica              joop_wijn              anna_greta_leijon              göran_lennmarker              violeta_bulc              per_unckel              eluf              eva_kjer_hansen              tore_godal              eygló_harðardóttir              matti_luttinen              gjosha              frans_andriessen              staaffarvid              bøttzau              ole_norrback              tuula_haatainen             

Examples of "poul_nielson"
In April 2015 Poul Nielson was asked to conduct a strategic review of the labour market on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
This was seen by American Catholic commentatiors to contrast with the policy of the United States which prohibited funding of abortion through foreign aid, particularly reversing the de-funding of the United Nations Population Fund. The European commissioner Poul Nielson said that the European Union wished to "fill the decency gap" left by the Mexico City policy.
The Sandbæk Report of the European Union, which calls for the funding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was seen by some Catholic commentators as a contrast to the Mexico City policy. The European commissioner Poul Nielson said that the European Union wished to "fill the decency gap" left by the Mexico City policy.
Poul Nielson (born 11 April 1943) is a Danish politician, member of the Social Democrats. He was Energy Minister in the Cabinet of Anker Jørgensen IV and V from 26 October 1979 to 10 September 1982, and Minister for Development Cooperation in the Cabinet of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen II, III, and IV from 27 September 1994 to 10 July 1999. On 17 September 1999 he became European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid when the Prodi Commission took office.