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que_je              était              et_puis              maintenant              vient              il_faut              qu_une              étais              avais              un_jour              regarder              mieux              rien_que              où_je              voici              et_pourtant              je_vous              pour_nous              veux              ils_ont              pour_toi              si_était              que_vous              rien_qu              amour_est              rêver              des_jours              pleure              toujours              quelque_chose              quand_je              même              donc              des_mots              pour_ça              est_pas              revient              qu_elle              faisons              avait              si_étais              seulement              ce_que_je              celui_qui              une_chanson              vraiment              ceux_qui              ai_fait              que_aime              je_ne             

Examples of "pour_vous"
It included as B-side another album track called "Pour vous".
In July 2011, she released her second single "J'ai fait tout ça pour vous" with V V Brown.
Marcel Blistène joined Paramount in 1930 as an assistant, after studying literature. He then began a career as a film journalist, for "Pour vous" and "Cinémonde".
This new slogan replaces the previous one, "On est là pour vous aider" ("We stand by you"), which in turn replaced other slogans such as "Si on en parlait?" (Let's talk) and "Conjuguons nos talents" (Let's combine our expertise).
A music video to accompany the release of "J'ai Fait Tout Ca Pour Vous" was first released onto YouTube on 17 July 2011 at a total length of two minutes and forty-eight seconds.
Marèse made her first screen appearance in a 1929 short "C'est par amour pour vous Madame". Her first full-length feature was "Amours viennoises" in 1930, followed by the Marc Allégret-directed adaptation of "Mam'zelle Nitouche.
Nous avons l'honorable plaisir et la grande confiance de vous écrire cette lettre pour vous parler de l'objectif de notre voyage et de la souffrance de nous, les enfants et jeunes d'Afrique.
In 2015, it was reported that the website had 5 million monthly visitors, with 51 percent of them being female. SuicideGirls 15th anniversary was celebrated at its Peek-A-Boo burlesque show, which is a regular act at Pour Vous nightclub in Los Angeles, and was featured on the website of "Maxim" magazine.
During the municipal elections in March 2014, some parties promised to act for the tower restoration: the list "Croire en Grenoble" (UMP, UDI, AEI), the list "Imagine Grenoble" (Modem), the list " Aimer Grenoble pour vous" (PS, PCF, Cap21, MRC, PRG, GE, GO Citoyenneté), and the list "Grenoble une ville pour tous" (EELV, PG, Les Alternatifs, GA, ADES, Réseau Citoyen).
Early changes to the score after the first performance included removing Alexina's demanding air "Pour vous je suis ambitieuse" in Act 1 and re-casting a rondeau for Henri and Alexina in Act 3 as a duet for Fritelli and Alexina in Act 1.
Connie Francis "bubbled under" the Billboard pop charts in 1967 (# 118) and peaked at # 12 on Billboard Adult Contemporary. She also recorded the song in German as "Mein Herz ruft nach dir" and in French as "Mon cœur pleure pour vous", the latter marking her last French-language recording of the 1960s.
"J'ai fait tout ça pour vous" is a song performed by French singer Mélissa Nkonda featuring vocals from English singer V V Brown. It was released in France on 1 August 2011. It has peaked to number 65 on the French Singles Chart.
In 1979, she recorded her fourth album "Y'a une étoile pour vous" and the following year she received much acclaim at the Festival de Spa in Belgium. She then returned to Canada to record her fifth album. She also kept up her radio and television career, as much in Quebec as in the Maritimes. Arsenault wrote a play in collaboration with Sylvie Toupin entitled "Pour le meilleur et pour le pire", which deals with violence against women.
Dominique Mainard is a French translator of English novels, short story writer and novelist. She was born in Paris, France in 1967 and grew up in the region of Lyon, and spent five years in the United States. She won the 2009 Prix des Libraires (Booksellers Prize) for her novel "Pour vous" ("For You"). Mainard spent 2005 - 2006 as a resident of the Randell Cottage Writers' Trust in Wellington, New Zealand. Her book "Leur histoire" was adapted for the 2005 film "Les Mots bleus" by director Alain Corneau with actors Sergi López and Sylvie Testud.
The daughter of Ambroise Belanger and Berenice-Louise-Veronique Sedilot, she was born in Quebec City. She graduated from the École normale in 1885. She worked as a journalist for various publications including "Le Coin du feu", "Le Monde illustré" and "La Presse". In 1913, she started her own magazine "Pour vous Mesdames", targeted at a female audience. She also published short stories and novels and, in 1917, a collection of poetry "Les rêves morts". Her 1912 novel "Fleur des ondes" was very successful and she adapted it for the stage the following year.
After this, actor-director Willi Forst brought Negri to Germany appear in the film "Mazurka" (1935). The film was considered ""artistically valuable"" (German: "künstlerisch wertvoll") by the Reichsfilmkammer. "Mazurka" gained much popularity in Germany and abroad, and became one of Adolf Hitler's favorite films, a fact that, along with her admiring comments about the efficiency of the German film industry, gave birth to a rumor in 1937 of Negri having had an affair with Hitler. Negri sued "Pour Vous", the French magazine which had circulated the rumor, for libel, and won. "Mazurka" was remade (almost shot-for-shot) in the U.S. as "Confession" (1937), starring Kay Francis.
At the proclamation of the armistice of June 4–August 13, 1813, the Corps, eager to gain a dashing victory against the hated emperor, had been deep behind enemy lines and were hastening back to German-held territory (supposedly under a French safe-conduct), when they were caught there in contradiction to the terms of armistice. The French general Fournier ordered an attack on the Corps, replying to a demand for explanation, “"Armistice pour tout le monde, excepté pour vous !"“ (“truce for all, but not for you”).
"Liliom" received generally negative reception on its initial release. Jean Faynard of "Candide" described the film as "false, stiff and badly situated". In "Action Française", François Vinneuil wrote "the result is a heterogeneous spectacle... this French-Jewish-Hungarian collaboration doesn't create a breathable atmosphere". Jean Vidal of "Pour Vous" wrote that "A pace that's rather too slow spoils the movement of the film". A review in "Le Journal" criticized the visual effects in the film as he felt that emphasis on them detracted from the other film elements. Despite the film's reception, "Liliom" was one of Lang's favourite directorial efforts. In 1974, Lang stated that ""Liliom", I always liked very much... Today, I almost like "Liliom" best of all".
The next year Perret collaborated with the queen of stage and film Gaby Morlay and his former colleague André Luguet to shoot his new film "Il était une fois" with the company Pathé-Nathan. Based on a play by Francis de Croisset, the movie won the best French film of the year award from the weekly cinema review Pour Vous. Next Perret adapted Alphonse Daudet's novel "Sapho" in 1933. As he had already acted in a stage adaptation of the novel when he was doing theatre, he knew the subject well. In 1934, while working with the Comédie-Française, Perret tried an experimental type of play-documentary from Molière's body of work. Although the experiment was met with limited success, it proved to be an inspiration for other artists such as Sacha Guitry who later created similar types of experimental films.
With Seymour playing a variety of instruments, from the inexpensive Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard to the glockenspiel, melodica, recorders and other compact and simple instruments, and Tomida providing the vocals in both Japanese and English, they recorded their first album in 2003, titled "Computer Recital" (on the Audio Dregs subsidiary Darla Records). The record was immediately greeted with critical acclaim, garnering considerable attention and reviews from music magazines and influential independent music blogs such as Pitchfork Media. Lullatone followed "Computer Recital" with "My Petit Melodies" on Japan's Childisc Records, "Little Songs about Raindrops" in 2005, "Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous" in 2006 (both on Audio Dregs), and a self-produced tour EP in 2007 to celebrate their first US tour.