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Examples of "pourtant"
The song was later covered by numerous artists, including Mina, Giusy Ferreri, Renzo Arbore, Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, and, with the title "Et pourtant j'ai froid", Dalida.
In April 2007, Checkpoint 303 was presented on a French radio show called "Et pourtant ça tourne" broadcast on France Inter.
Sam has produced and/or directed several music videos including Miley Cyrus "I Thought I Lost You," U2's "United Colors of Plutonium," and Vanessa Paradis "Pourtant."
Except as noted, lyrics and music were written by Hardy. She is accompanied by the Charles Blackwell orchestra, except for the song "Pourtant tu m’aimes", where she is accompanied by Mickey Baker.
"C’est dans ce contexte ultraconcurrentiel que M pour Montréal, pourtant arrivé après bien d’autres, est parvenu à se tailler une réputation des plus flatteuses, au beau milieu d’autres concentrations musicales majeures. " – Gilles Renault, Libération
In October 2008 Mouchet appeared at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg in Jean Magnan's ""et pourtant ce silence ne pouvait être vide"", based, like Jean Genet's "The Maids", on the Papin sisters murders in 1933.
The clubs Libourne, Pamiers (pourtant qualifié l’année précédente pour la seconde phase, les pools of 3) and Saint-Girons SC, left the scene, so were 15 the team promoted in the championship:
Hélène is a 1989 album by Canadian singer Roch Voisine. The title track "Hélène" is his best sold single ever, reaching number one for nine weeks on the French Singles Chart. Other successful singles from the album include "Pourtant" (#3) and "Avant de partir" (#7), released in 1990 summer.
The music video begins with the mention : "Les fantômes existent encore, Stéphanie n'y croyait pas, et pourtant..." In it, Stéphanie has an androginous look, performing the song in a castle, along with her friend Gérard Blanc - a French singer who had a great success in 1987 with "Une autre histoire" (number two in France) -, who also appears playing the guitar.
The Canadian edition was released on 29 October 2013 containing 12 tracks. Some of the tracks are as performed on the European edition, while others are performed with different artists. The order of tracks differs from the European edition, and track 12 ("Pourtant") was not featured on the European edition.
He regularly publishes liberal-oriented opinions in the French press such as "Le Point", "Challenges", "Le Figaro", "Le Monde", "L'Express" ou "Les Echos". From 2007 to 2010, he held the weekly column « "Vrai Faux ?" » which later became « "C’est pourtant vrai !"» in "Le Figaro Magazine". He also contributed to the magazine "L’Opinion" on its launch year.
Despite a weak chart run, "Bliss" spawned a few minor hit singles. The primary one was "Pourtant", which is often regarded as Paradis' most poetic work. Singles "Commando" and "Que fait la vie" were the other single releases off this album.
In 1956 Georges met Charles Aznavour and started writing music for his songs. Together they wrote over 100 songs, including "Prends garde à toi" (1956), "Et pourtant" (1962), "Il faut saisir sa chance" (1962), "Retiens la nuit" (1962), "Hier Encore" (1964), "Paris au mois d'août" (Paris in August, 1966), "Une vie d'amour" (1980).
Her books include a photography book, "Sans s'abolir pourtant", (L'Echoppe, Paris, France 1992,) "Felicity's Power", a novel (Power of Love, Australia 2001) a non-fiction literary travel book, "Finding Home: In the footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers" (Sumach Press, 2004) -- which won the Joseph and Faye Tanenbaum Prize in Canadian Jewish History (Canadian Jewish Book Awards 2005), and was shortlisted for "ForeWord Magazine Prize"'s 2004 Book of the Year Awards Essay and History category, 2004.
""la chaleur, tant dans la terre que dans l’air ne peut régulièrement venir que des rayons du soleil. J’ose dire pourtant que j’ai été assez heureux pour l’imiter en petit à l’égard de quelques petits fruits : j’en ai fait mûrir cinq et six semaines devant le temps, par exemple des fraises à la fin mars, des précoces, et des pois en avril, des figues en juin, des asperges et des laitues pommées en décembre, janvier ...""
Cette formation, qui remporta de nombreux succès à différents concours, est partiellement sinistrée pendant la Grande Guerre. La période suivante est marquée par la personnalité d’Alfred SAGUEZ fils qui dirigera la société jusqu’en 1958. A son départ, Léonce BALESDENS, sous-chef, maintient l’activité. Puis, vient le tour de Claude DAUBERCIES. Pourtant, l’Harmonie va sommeiller, au point qu’en 1969, les activités sont abandonnées. En 1974, quelques bonnes volontés, assistées de Claude DAUBERCIES et Eric CLOCHEPIN réussissent à redonner vie à l’école et à sa société. Cette dernière fonctionne sous la Présidence de Lucien DUBOIS, prédécesseur de Michel BAILLY, en 1988.
Timeless 2013 is the sixth live album by French singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer. It was released on December 9, 2013 in France by Polydor Records. The album documents the Timeless tour's performances at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France. A concert film directed by François Hanss was screened in more than one hundred cinemas across France, Belgium and Switzerland on 27 March, 2014. The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 16 May, 2014. The album does not contain "Elle a dit", "Je te dis tout" and "Et pourtant...".
In 1956 the news magazine carried pictures of Brigitte Bardot embracing affectionately with Roger Vadim under the headline "Et pourtant si! Il divorcent!" (And yet it's true, the divorce is on!). A 1960s article under the headline "La Défaite des mauvaises femmes" (The downfall of the bad women) chronicles the separations of Maria Kallas, Eva Bartok and Brenda Lee from the "men they seduced", as the magazine claimed at the time. Another article of the same decade carries the headline "Sooner or later Love is defeated by Scandal". During that era the magazine enumerated the love affairs of Brigitte Bardot, all the while keeping moralising criticism of the star to a minimum.
The story begins at the Gare d l'Ouest, where the employees list the provenance of trains arriving from different places in France ("Nous sommes employés de la ligne de l'Ouest"). Two Parisian dandies, Bobinet and Gardefeu are waiting for the train from Rambouillet, but avoid each other while they walk around. They have fallen out over the demi-mondaine Métella. She arrives with a third man and pretends not to recognize the two previous lovers. Her rejection reunites the two friends and they vow to seek a better class of mistress ("Elles sont tristes, les marquises"). While wondering how he will achieve this Gardefeu sees his former servant Joseph, now a tourist guide. Joseph reveals that he is to meet a Swedish baron and his wife who he is to show around Paris but for a sum agrees to let Gardefeu take his place. While he goes to look for the baron, Gardefeu wonders what will happen with the baroness ("Ce que c'est pourtant que la vie !") The Baron and Baroness Gondremarck enter he promises to show them everything they want to see in the French capital ("Jamais, foi de cicérone"). The station fills with more passengers arriving for a good time in Paris, including a Brazilian returning after having spent his fortune once before in the city ("Je suis Brésilien, j'ai de l'or").
Kogălniceanu, who defined Hrisoverghi's views as "liberal and in balance with the times", noted the influence exercised by André Chénier on his style, and drew parallels between the two authors' lives (including their ambivalent attitudes toward military life). In addition, he credited the writer with having introduced a national focus in Moldavian literature, which, he claimed, lagged behind that of Wallachia in this respect (while acknowledging that Hrisoverghi's poems would occasionally rank below modern standards). The poet Vasile Alecsandri, whose career began soon after Hrisoverghi died, looked back on the period in an introduction to writings by his friend Negruzzi: "The development of ideas and the purifying of literary taste were very bitterly made aware of the government's oppressive system, and the impetus of writers broke off its wings, crashing into public indifference like one would into a rock. Old people would only read the lives of the saints; and youngsters would read nothing at all, holding Romanian books in contempt, and among those youngsters only an Alexandru Hrisoverghi and a Costache Negruzzi: "rari nantes in gurgite vasto" would tap their foreheads, saying, like Chénier in the hour of his death: "Et pourtant je sens que j'ai quelque chose là" ["And yet I feel that have something here"]!".