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Pozdnyakov headed a General Staff "inspection team"
Kirill Pozdnyakov (born 20 January 1989) is a Russian professional racing cyclist. In November 2015 announced that Pozdnyakov would rejoin them for the 2016 season, having been part of the team's squad in its debut season in 2013.
Journalist Anna Politkovskaya, however, claimed that Pozdnyakov was assassinated by members of the Russian military.
Pozdnyakov (masculine, ) or Pozdnyakova (feminine, ), also transliterated as Pozdniakov, is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Boris Aleksandrovich Pozdnyakov (; born 31 May 1962 in Moscow) is a Russian football coach and a former player.
In 1915 the local citizen Nevah-Girsha Haimov Pozdnyakov organized automobile shipping between Rakov and Zaslavl', a nearby town.
Anatoly Pozdnyakov (died 17 September 2001) was a Russian general, alternatively identified as a Lieutenant General and Major General,
The medals were presented by Irena Szewińska, IOC member, Poland and Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the European Fencing Confederation.
Aleksey Frosin (born 14 February 1978) is a Russian fencer who won a gold medal in the team sabre competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney together with Aleksey Dyachenko, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, and Sergey Sharikov. He won the bronze medal in the individual and team sabre (together with Nikolay Kovalev, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, and Aleksey Yakimenko at the 2006 World Fencing Championships.
Pozdnyakov was killed on 17 September 2001 when a surface-to-air-missile downed his Mil Mi-8 helicopter in Chechnya ("see 2001 Grozny Mi-8 crash").
After religious tolerance was declared by October Manifesto in 1905, Pozdnyakov, and the other exiles were able to abandon their Yakutia village and come to Canada.
Guy Illich Severin was the General Director and General Designer of the company from 1964 to 2008. Sergey S. Pozdnyakov has been Temporary General Director since 2008.
Ordynskyi is a product of his native Bila Tserkva Raion's youth sportive school system. His first trainer was Valeriy Pozdnyakov. During his career Ordynskyi played both, in the Ukrainian lower Leagues, and in the other football clubs.
Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Pozdnyakov () (born 17 June, 1978 in Yaroslavl) is a Russian fencer, who has won bronze Olympic medal in the team foil competition at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
At the 2007 FIE World Championships he won the bronze medal in the men's individual sabre category after losing to four-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion Stanislav Pozdnyakov of Russia 12–15 in the semifinals.
Vasily Pozdnyakov originated from a Doukhobor family from the village of Bogdanovka (now Ninotsminda), in the south of Georgia. His ancestors, along with other Doukhobors, had been exiled to Georgia during the reign of Nicholas I.
In autumn 1898 Pozdnyakov was chosen by his exile comrades to secretly leave and visit their spiritual leader, Peter Vasilevich Verigin, then in exile elsewhere in Siberia, and then their friends and family back in Transcaucasia. He managed to accomplish:
The stage show featured Gagarina in a long white dress created by designer Alexander Terekhov. Gagarina performed the song with projections of stars on her dress. She was surrounded with her backing vocalists in a band set-up: two guitarists, one drummer and two performers. The background LED screens were kept dark for the start of the song and then transitioned to outer space star patterns culminating in a view of planet Earth. On stage, Gagarina was joined by five backing vocalists: Gabriel Alares, Alexandra Belyakova, Alexander Pozdnyakov, Nikita Pozdnyakov and Katrina Noorbergen.
Yakimenko's debut senior competition was the team event of the 2002 World Championships in Lisbon, where he won a gold medal together with Sergey Sharikov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Aleksey Frosin. He claimed his first individual medal at the 2003 European Championships in Bourges: his winning streak was interrupted only in the final by his captain, four-time Olympic champion Pozdnyakov. He came away with a silver medal, to which a team gold medal was added a few days later. He was defeated in the second round of the World Championships, but Russia retained his World title.
Stanislav Alexeyevich Pozdnyakov () (born 27 September 1973 in Novosibirsk) is a Russian fencer, who has won five Olympic medals in the sabre competitions. He also won the gold medal at the 2006 World Fencing Championships and the 2007 World Fencing Championships in the individual sabre as well as a bronze medal in the team sabre in 2006.