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lancker              kalken              reybrouck              gestel              verbist              bommel              renterghem              voorde              driessche              gastel              daems              buijs              himst              wesemael              durme              eyssen              hamme              asperen              nimwegen              schets              heeswijk              goor              aubel              petegem              waterschoot              hooijdonk              coppenolle              opstal              miltenburg              buggenhout              baelen              roelofsen              oostrum              mermans              dooren              bouvy              winnen              brabants              raymaekers              simaeys              rooy              landuyt              vlierberghe              grieken              ceulemans              strydonck              hoogstraten              moerkerke              eekhout              dijck             

Examples of "praet"
Louis of Praet, Louis of Flanders, Lord of Praet, or locally Lodewijk van Praet (1488, Bruges – 7 October 1555) was a nobleman from the Low Countries and an important diplomat and statesman under the Emperor Charles V.
Praet is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
In England, Praet met the Spanish humanist Juan Luis Vives who dedicated his 1523 book "De Consultatione" to him. Praet also either directly inspired or encouraged Vives to write his book "On Assistance to the Poor", which he did when living in Bruges in 1526. Vives dedicated the book to Lord Praet, writing:
Adolfo Van Praet is a village and rural locality (municipality) in La Pampa Province in Argentina.
Before being finally elected, Praet had already made several attempts to join the ECB Board. In 2004, his candidacy failed when the German, French, Italian and Spanish governments agreed that each should always have a national on the six-member board and chose José Manuel González-Páramo. In 2010, when Praet sought the bank’s vice-presidency, governments agreed that the position should go to a sitting governor of a central bank and not, as Praet then was, a director; as a consequence, Vítor Constâncio was chosen to replace Lucas Papademos as vice-president. In 2011, Praet replaced Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell; the other candidate for the position had been Elena Kohútiková.
Van Praet is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Dennis Praet (born 14 May 1994) is a Belgian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Sampdoria.
Michael Van Praet (born May 29, 1989 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian football offensive lineman who is currently playing CIS football with the Western Mustangs. Following the 2011 CIS season Van Praet was invited to the 2012 CFL Evaluation Camp where he won the bench rep competition doing 38 reps of 225 pounds.
Despite participating in the 2012 CFL Evaluation Camp Van Praet elected to return to the Mustangs for one more year of CIS football.
Adolfo Van Praet has a population of 274 inhabitants (INDEC, 2001). This represents an increase of 11.8% over the 245 inhabitants of the previous census (INDEC, 1991).
Joseph Basile Bernard Van Praet (Bruges, 27 July 1754 – Paris, 5 February 1837) was a Flanders-born librarian and scholar active in France.
After the St. Elizabeth's flood the former land of Schobbe en Everocken was re-dyked in 1437-1438 by the knight Lodewijk Praet of Moerkerken; therefore, the village is often called "Mijnsheerenland van Moerkerken". The name of the village (meaning My Lord's Land in English) doesn't have a religious background but states the factual situation of the land belonging to its Lord, Praet of Moerkerken.
Peter Praet (born 20 January 1949 in Herchen near Eitorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) is executive board member and chief economist of the European Central Bank. Within the board, Praet is widely considered to be centrist on monetary policy, perhaps even slightly “dovish”, meaning he is more likely to take growth prospects into account in the conduct of monetary policy than strict inflation “hawks” do.
Praet debuted in Anderlecht's first team on 21 September 2011 starting in the Belgian Cup against Lommel United and making two assists. In the next round of the cup he scored his first official goal for Anderlecht, against Rupel Boom FC. Not long after, on 30 October, he also made his debut in the Belgian Pro League as a substitute for Fernando Canesin while playing against Lierse SK. In March 2012, Praet signed a new contract until 2015.
Stark was "probably the most hawkish" member of the council when he resigned. Weber was replaced by his Bundesbank successor Jens Weidmann, while Belgium's Peter Praet took Stark's original position, heading the ECB's economics department.
Stark was "probably the most hawkish" member of the council when he resigned. Weber was replaced by his Bundesbank successor Jens Weidmann, while Belgium's Peter Praet took Stark's original position, heading the ECB's economics department.
Jules Van Praet (2 July 1806 – 29 December 1887) was a Belgian diplomat and personal secretary of King Leopold I of Belgium. He was born in Bruges, and died in Brussels aged 81.
Praet has represented Belgium at every age group under-15 and older making an appearance in the U21 team a mere three years after first playing for the U15 team.
On March 10, 2016, the idea became increasingly popular in Europe after Mario Draghi the President of the European Central Bank, said in a press conference that he found the concept 'very interesting'. This statement was followed by another statement from the ECB's Peter Praet who declared:
In a dull first half without many chances, Anderlecht took the lead after 25 minutes when Dennis Praet scored the opening goal. Anderlecht had possession, but was not able to create any chances, while Hamdi Harbaoui almost equalized before half time.