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sonbarsa              hasanpur              lalpur              bhagwanpur              gobindpur              pipariya              puraini              kalikapur              manpur              shankarpur              venkatapur              chandur              madhuban              hakimpur              sankarpur              madanpur              sonapur              maheshpur              lakhanpur              dharampur              shekhpura              bahadurpur              bhabanipur              mallapur              salempur              rajpur              kadipur              gokulpur              kushtagi              shahganj              kodur              baheri              pimpalgaon              takli              maharajganj              shivpur              lingampalle              ramkrishnapur              gajraula              asifabad              kadur              rampura              radhanagar              devaliya              shahbad              jambusar              badshahpur              debipur              bajitpur              kalinagar             

Examples of "pratapnagar"
Pratapnagar Jame Mosque (1703) is dated back to Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.
■ Aadarsh Middle School and High School (आदर्श उच्च विद्यालय), Kadwa Pratapnagar
A road is currently being built from Vadodara to Jambusar which will pass through Padra. Dabhasa is a very large village in Padra taluka. Many factories are situated near Dabhasa. Padra is also connected to Pratapnagar(Vadodara) and Jambusar by Pratapnagar-Jambusar Narrow Gauge Railway Line having two pairs of train arriving and departing throughout the day.
The northern part of Amalner is called "Pratapnagar", after Srimant Pratap Shethji, for whom the institutes Pratap College and Pratap high school are also named.
Pratapnagar is a village in the south-western part of Bangladesh near the Sundarbans in Assasuni Upazila, Satkhira District. The village is surrounded by big rivers and numerous canals.
Pratapaditya built several forts. The principal fourteen of them were at Jessore, Dhumghat, Raigarh, Kamalpur, Vedkashi, Shibsha, Pratapnagar, Shalikha, Matla, Haidargarh, Araikaki, Mani, Raimangal and Chaksri. There were seven forts built by Pratapaditya in and around present day Kolkata. They were at Matla, Raigarh, Tala, Behala, Salkia, Chitpur and Mulajor. Apart from these Pratapaditya had built a fort near present-day Jagatdal.
As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 147 Sonarpur Dakshin (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Ward Nos 8 to 24 of Rajpur Sonarpur municipality, and Kalikapur I, Kalikapur II, Langalberia, Poleghat, Pratapnagar and Sonarpur II gram panchayats of Sonarpur community development block.
The college is located at a distance of about 7 km from Udaipur City railway station and bus terminal and about 2 km from Rana Pratap Nagar railway station. It is accessible by a by-pass road branching near Pratapnagar from the National Highway No. 76 leading to Chittorgarh.
Rural area under Sonarpur block consists of 11 gram panchayats: Banhooghly–I, Kalikapur–II, Kheyadaha–II, Pratapnagar, Banhooghly–II, Kamrabad, Langalberia, Sonarpur–II, Kalikapur–I, Kheyadaha–I and Poleghat. There is no urban area under this block. Sonarpur police station serves this block. Headquarters of this block is in Rajpur.
Chandrabadani is a mountain (2,277m above sea-level). On the border of tahsil Devaprayag and Pratapnagar is the well known temple of Chandrabadni Devi, lying at the top of the mountain about 10 km. north of Kandi Khal ( a place on the Devaprayag-Kirti Nagar metalled road).
Dabhoi is also a major gateway for Narmada Dam, the life line for Gujarat state. At one time the Dabhoi railway station was the biggest narrow gauge railway station in Asia with lines branching to Goyagate(Pratapnagar), Miyagam Karjan, Chandod, Bodeli, Samalaya Jn. The narrow gauge section of Pratapnagar(Vadodara)-Dabhoi-Bodeli-Chhota Udaipur has been converted to broad gauge. The remaining Narrow Gauge lines existing today at Dabhoi are Dabhoi-Miyagam Karjan-Choranda-Moti korel/Malsar, Dabhoi-Chandod, Dabhoi-Samalaya Jn.-Timba Road. It has undergone major changes recently. In the latest Railway Budget plan has been made of Gauge Conversion of Dabhoi-Miyagam and Dabhoi-Samalaya Jn. stretch to reduce the freight traffic at Vadodara Jn but still no action is taken.
According to Bharatendu Harishchandra's account, Maharaja Agrasen was a Suryavanshi Kshatriya king, born during the last stages of Dwapar Yuga in the Mahabharat epic era, he was contemporaneous to Lord Krishna. He was a descendant of Suryavanshi King Mandhata. King Mandhata had two sons, Gunadhi and Mohan. Agrasen was the eldest son of the King Vallabh, descendant of Mohan, of Pratapnagar. Agrasen fathered 18 children, from whom the Agrawal gotras came into being.
Agrasen attended the "swayamvara" of Madhavi, the daughter of the King Nagaraj Kumud. However, Indra, the God of Heaven and also the lord of storms and rainfall, wanted to marry Madhavi, but she chose Agrasen as her husband. A furious Indra decided to take revenge by making sure that Pratapnagar did not receive any rain. As a result, a famine struck Agrasen's kingdom, who then decided to wage a war against Indra. Sage Narada was approached by Indra, who mediated peace between Agrasen and Indra. As per the advice of Rishi Mahrishi Garg, he also married Sundaravati to increase his wealth and health.
Bhanuprasad Trivedi was born on 16 January 1931 at Vavol village (now in Gandhinagar district, Gujarat). He passed matriculation in 1949 and completed B. A. with Gujarati and Sanskrit in 1955 and M. A. in same subjects in 1967. He taught for nine years at schools in Linch and Kherva in Mehsana district. He served as a principal in school of Chitroda, Sabarkantha in 1962-63 and of school in Pratapnagar from 1963 to 1969. He served as a professor in C. U. Shah Arts College, Ahmedabad until his retirement in 1970.
The land use pattern along the western section of the JVLR is predominantly residential, especially the stretch along the western end of the section. Residential areas viz., Majaswadi, Pratapnagar, Anand Nagar, Green Field Society, Durga Nagar and Sariput Nagar are located along the western end of Section I of JVLR. The middle segment of this section passes through open hilly area and Aarey Farm area. Milind Nagar slums and Tungawa hutments on either side mark the eastern segment of the section. Besides residential land use, other major land uses observed along this section of JVLR are viz, industrial, commercial, and recreational. Major Industrial area viz. Santacruz Electronics and Export Promotion Zone (SEEPZ) is located along the road at Km 3+070. L&T factory located at the eastern end of Section 1 is one major industry located along the road. Towards the east of the SEEPZ area, lies an extension (Phase II of SEEPZ) of the industrial promotion zone.
Vadodara Junction railway station is Gujarat's busiest junction with almost 150 trains passing through every day.It comes under Vadodara Division of Western Railways. Passengers can travel to almost all the parts of India from Vadodara Junction, where there is a junction from the directions of Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kota (all four directions). It has one of the largest electric locomotives sheds in Gujarat and various trains have a loco change over at Vadodara. Trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duranto and important mail/express trains halt at Vadodara Junction. Apart from various small railway stations Vadodara has 10 major railway stations namely Vadodara Junction (BRC'), Pratapnagar, Vishwamitri, Makarpura, Karajan (Miyagaon), Itola, Varnama, Bajwa, Ranoli and Nandesari.
Inox Cinema Hall in Vaibhav Multiplex at Amrapali Circle. It also has outlets of all major brands likes of Raymond, Park Avenue, Nike, Wrangler, Reebok, Lee, Levis, Jockey, with excclusive showrooms. There are a number of colonies; namely, Vaishali Nagar blocks A to F, Neminagar, Nemisagar,gandhi path, Hanumannagar A, B, and C blocks, RSEB Colony, Pratapnagar, Gangasagar, Neminagar extnension, Officers Campus, and Gomes Defence. There are about 20 branches of various private and PSU banks. Car accessory showrooms such as Stereo Nation have their own clientele. This area has become a satellite city of Jaipur and the residents do not have to go to main city to fulfill their daily needs. Rather, people from the main city frequently visit this colony for shopping. There are a number of class restaurants such as KFC. The main point of attraction is the National Handloom department store and the area in the vicinity of Amrapali Circle.
As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal, the area under Kultali block along with four gram panchayats under the Jaynagar–II block: Baishata, Chuprijhara, Manirtat and Nalgora, will form the Kultali assembly constituency of West Bengal. The other six gram panchayats under the Jaynagar–II block, the Jaynagar Mazilpur municipality and six gram panchayats under the Jaynagar–I block: Baharu Kshetra, Dakshin Barasat, Harinarayanpur, Rajapur Korabeg, Sripur and Uttar Durgapur, will together form the Jaynagar assembly constituency. The other six gram panchayats under the Jaynagar–I block and nine gram panchayats under the Baruipur block: Begumpur, Belegachhi, Brindakhali, Champahati, Hardhah, Nabagram, Ramnagar–I, Ramnagar–II and South Garia, will together form the Baruipur Purba assembly constituency. The other ten gram panchayats under the Baruipur block along with the Baruipur municipality will form the Baruipur Paschim assembly constituency. Wards 8–24 of the Rajpur Sonarpur municipality and six gram panchayats under Sonarpur block: Kalikapur–I, Kalikapur–II, Langalberia, Poleghat, Pratapnagar and Sonarpur–II, will together form the Sonarpur Dakshin assembly constituency. The other six gram panchayats under Sonarpur block, along with wards 1–7 and 25–33 of Rajpur Sonarpur municipality will form the Sonarpur Uttar assembly constituency. The Bhangar–II block and three gram panchayats under the Bhangar–I block: Jagulgachhi, Narayanpur and Pranganj, will together define the extent of the Bhangar assembly constituency. The other six gram panchayats under the Bhangar–I block will be part of the Canning Purba assembly constituency. The constituencies of Kultali, Jaynagar and Baruipur Purba will be reserved for Scheduled castes (SC) candidates. The constituencies of Kultali, Canning Purba and Jaynagar will be assembly segments of the Jaynagar (Lok Sabha constituency), which will be reserved for SC candidates. The constituencies of Baruipur Purba, Baruipur Paschim, Sonarpur Uttar, Sonarpur Dakshin and Bhangar will be assembly segments of the Jadavpur (Lok Sabha constituency).