Synonyms for pravesam or Related words with pravesam

pareeksha              kodalu              monagadu              iniyum              poocha              gowravam              rahasyam              puthri              sonnal              veettile              puthu              pengal              chillarakottu              swapnangal              manathe              savaal              baava              vachina              paravaigal              pambaram              raavukal              sookshikkuka              nirangal              swarangal              kaattu              kamaladalam              veliye              makkalu              banthu              kondu              anandha              njaan              kudumba              janmada              gaali              bandhangal              thavaru              aagneyam              pennu              achamillai              muddina              rendum              varavu              pillalu              sowbhagya              hoovagi              sooran              cheppu              kunguma              snehicha             

Examples of "pravesam"
In 1969 her father launched their first production "Pravesam Vanna" and cast her in a dual role opposite Tony Ranasinghe, Malini Fonseka and Joe Abeywickrama in her first leading role.
She first appeared as a 6-month-old baby in the movie "Vena Swargayak Kumatada", a Robin Tampoe production in 1960. In 1969 she won the "Lanaka Deepa Deepasika" award for best child artists in Sri Lankan Sinhala Cinema’s 25 years history for the portrayal of twin sisters in her father’s first home production "Pravesam Venna", an MSA films release.
In 1943 he got the opportunity to take on the responsibility of assistant director for "Gruha Pravesam". Due to circumstances he became the director of the film and then he was also chosen as the lead actor of the film! "Gruha Pravesam", released in 1946 was one of the finest films of the forties and went on to become a classic of the period. After this K. S. Prakasa Rao offered Prasad an important role in "Drohi". During this time Ramabrahmam was facing difficulty in finishing his film "Palnati Yudham" due to ill health and he chose Prasad to do justice to this film. After this in 1949, Prasad directed "Mana Desam" and introduced N.T.Rama Rao, later to become a legend in Telugu cinema, in a minor role.
After "griha pravesam", a fire ritual known as "praavisya homam" is performed by the couple to the accompaniment of thirteen Veda mantras from the "Rg Veda". "Jayaadi homam" is also part of the "praavisya homam". This homam offers the salutation of the newly married couple to Agni Deva and asks for strength and nourishment to discharge the duties of a "grihasthas" for the next one hundred years. After that, the bride shifts her position from the right side of her husband to his left side. At that time, once again, she recites a Veda mantra invoking the gods for blessings of children and wealth to perform the duties of a householder.
Kunchan Nambiar is believed to have written over forty Tullal composition. Some scholars allot a larger number to his credit. They belong to all the three types: 21 Otttan, 11 Sitankan and 9 Parayan. The most important of Nambiar's Thullals are: Syamantakam, Ghoshayatra, Kiratam, Santanagopalam, Patracaritam, Kartaviryarijunavijayam, Bakavadham, Kalyana Saugandhikam, Hariniswayamvaram, Tripuradahanam and Sabha Pravesam. Nambiar was an extrovert and observed the life around very closely. He was also very critical of the social evils he saw around him. Thus even when the main story is from the Hindu Puranas, he would introduce digressions in plenty and use such occasions to comment on life in his own time. He did not worry about the charge of anachronism. He knew his audience very well: not scholars and poets, but laymen, especially soldiers, barely literates. In one of his works he says:
"Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal" is based on the novel of same name by Jayakanthan which was a detailed version of his short story "Agni Pravesam". Bhimsingh decided to adapt the novel into a feature film. Jayakanthan wrote the screenplay for the film discarding the traditional commercial elements. Lakshmi was chosen as the female lead under the recommendation of K. Balachander. Since the film took considerable days of time to complete, Lakshmi did not co-operate during the time and she did not dub entirely for the film instead other actress who appeared as Anglo-Indian women in the film had dubbed her voice. This was first offbeat film directed by Bhimsingh who was known for family melodramas.
The success of the film helped him to earn a lot of opportunities in the next few years. He has done leading roles in a few films like "Sauhradam", "Thudarkkatha", "Khoshayathra", "Anantha Vrithantham", "Thooval Sparsam", etc. But in that age of comedy, he could not make an impact as a hero while Mukesh, Jagadeesh and Siddique were cast in the small budget movies. Saikumar remained active in the industry with supporting, character and negative roles in films including "In Harihar Nagar", "Saandram", "Makkal Mahalmyam", "Griha Pravesam", "Ayushkalam". The sequel to "Ramji Rao Speaking", "Mannar Mathai Speaking" was a blockbuster of 1995. This time Mukesh played the lead role. His villain roles in Mammootty's 1996 blockbuster "Hitler" was noted. This earned him the reputation of acting the intelligent villain. Saikumar's real talent was shown once again in the year 2004 in the film "Sethuramayyar CBI". He wisely recreated the sound modulation and mannerisms of the late actor 'Sukumaran, ' as because the character which Saikumar had done was the son of "Inspector Devadas in the film "Oru CBI Diary Kurippu ".