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Examples of "preczlaw"
Pogorzela is first mentioned in the early 15th century when the town was owned by Wczelów-Pogorzelskich. It is notable as the birthplace of Preczlaw of Pogarell a medieval Roman Catholic Bishop of Wrocław. In the 16th century the town became a center of Lutheranism, and in the 18th century became a centre of light industries.
Although his coffers were now reduced, Bolesław didn't give up to his lavish lifestyle. He attended the marriage of King Casimir III the Great and Adelaide of Hesse in Poznań in 1341, and the coronation of Charles IV of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia, Bolesław to sell the town of Grodków to the Bishop of Wrocław, Preczlaw von Pogarell on 19 January 1344.
The Hedwig Codex is a medieval illuminated manuscript of the life of Saint Hedwig of Silesia, spouse of the Piast duke Henry the Bearded. Based on her hagiography ("Vita beatae Hedwigis"), the illustrated codex was produced in 1353 at the court workshop of Hedwig's descendant, Duke Louis I of Legnica in Lubin. According to a letter by Bishop Preczlaw of Pogarell he dedicated it to the newly established collegiate church at Brzeg.
Henry maintained a long-lasting dispute with the Bishop of Wroclaw, Preczlaw of Pogarell, for the possession of the castle Jánský vrch, which only ended with the Bishop's death in 1376. His relations with the new Bishop, Duke Wenceslaus II of Legnica, were correct because he chosen to live in Otmuchów. In 1373 Henry granted a charter to the town of Głogówek, who was greatly favored by him. In 1379 he founded there a Kolegiata, who received the revenues of two villages.
The history of the Castle in Otmuchów dates back to the twelfth century, when Pope Hadrian gave authority to the land to the Bishop of Wrocław, including the castle. Throughout the next centuries the castle gained its significance, when Bishop Preczlaw of Pogarell called Otmuchów the capital of the Duchy of Bishops. The castle changed its architectural style to that of the Renaissance during reconstruction work in the seventeenth century. In 1810 the partially devastated south-eastern wing of the residence was deconstructed. Currently two wings of the castle survive, both having four levels.
John studied probably in Italy. Its promoters were Nikolaus von Pannwitz, curator of the Wrocław Cathedral Chapter, and Wolfram von Pannwitz, Viscount of Glatz. For 1340 John is as a notary of Ziębice Duke Bolko II. Proved. Presumably as a sinecure he received the parish Neumarkt, which he was allowed to keep with the permission of the Wroclaw Bishop Preczlaw of Pogarell even after he entered the service of the Bohemian Royal Chancery 1347th 1350 he received a canonry in Olomouc and in 1351 those in Breslau and Großglogau.
Well because of Olomouc disputes aimed Johannes 1380 to a change of Olomouc in his home diocese Breslau. Even after the death of the Wroclaw Bishop Preczlaw of Pogarell (1376) John of Neumarkt was the preferred candidate of the Emperor Charles IV and Pope Gregory XI. Nevertheless, cathedral chapter chose the dean Dietrich of Klatovy, who was in 1378 confirmed in this office by the Avignon Pope Clement VII. In a repeat ballot in 1380 John of Neumarkt was elected as the Bishop of Breslau, but died before the papal confirmation would have reached him.
Between 1349 and 1350 Louis took part in a pilgrimage to Rome. After the death of his father Bolesław III in 1352, Louis opted for a military solution to the conflicts with his brother. The war lasted for nearly six years (with interruptions thanks to the mediation attempts of Duke Konrad I of Oleśnica, of the Bishop of Wroclaw, Preczlaw of Pogarell and Emperor Charles IV himself). The final agreement concluded between the brothers was signed on 23 July 1359. The winner in the conflict was Louis, who in addition to the confirmation of his government over Lubin, obtained from Wenceslas I the town of Chojnów, half of the Oława territory, the Duchy of Brzeg and a monetary compensation of 4,500 pieces of silver. For his part, Louis promised to pay half of his late father's debts and formally renounced all claim over the Duchy of Legnica.