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symbolsprache              streitigkeiten              geschicke              bergbaus              kirchenschatz              perbersdorf              altensumerau              seidenspinners              pamphylien              skythen              hahnulrich              infusionsthiere              geradlinigen              vorchristlichen              arabern              anstrich              tbiblisi              intellektueller              ungeliebte              ethnologischer              kulturzeugen              stammzelle              werkreihe              urverwandschaft              burgenreise              islamisch              prosaisten              rekonstruiert              laurischk              proletarischer              methodistischen              wokh              hertzens              eigendliche              sozialkontrolle              schauspielmusik              beschriebungen              ausgewaehlte              schmecket              abfertigung              dulieux              dogmatischen              volksvereins              parthischen              geschmacks              erzgebirger              grabmonumenten              denkweise              schmalspurigen              offiziellen             

Examples of "predigen"
In bygone days, the local Birkenfeld dialect was marked by the peculiarity of often replacing the sounds /d/ and /t/ – and sometimes /r/ as well – with /l/, a shift known as . For example, a Birkenfelder in those days would have said "Fulerlale" where Standard High German would have "Futterladen" (“fodder shop”). A full-sentence example can be seen in a remark made by the Birkenfeld sexton “Fuchs Karl” to the church councillor and parish priest Haag: "Jo, jo, Herr Kirjerot, pririje kann e jela, awa noch lang net loule!", or in Standard High German, "Ja, ja, Herr Kirchenrat, predigen kann ein jeder, aber noch lange nicht läuten!" (“Yes, yes, Mr. Church Councillor, preaching is something anyone can do, but bellringing, not for long”).
Latin borrowings dating back to the introduction of Christianity include "kredda" "creed, dogma" (< Latin "credo") and "predika" "prophesy, preach" (< Latin "prædicare"; cf. German "predigen"); more recently the very common "náttúra" "nature", "persóna" "person" (originally Etruscan, one of the few remaining words in use of that language) and "partur" "part". With regard to modern languages, Icelandic has been influenced (in recent times quite heavily) only by English, particularly in the technical lexis and by the younger generation. In languages such as Italian, English words are simply borrowed just as they are; in contrast, in Icelandic they are adapted to the local phonetic and morphological system. For example, "pönkarar" and "rokkarar" ("punk rockers" and just plain "rockers") who play "á parketi diskótekanna" "on the parquet of the discothèques".
At the southern external wall of the steeple ends the bell chair basic bar in four winged animal figures with the heads of a human, a lion, a bull and an eagle. They symbolize the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On the four girders is an inscription with a text from the First Epistle to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 1, 23-24): "Wir aber predigen Christus den Gekreuzigten, Christus Kraft und Gottes Weisheit" (="But we preach Christ crucified, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God"). Below the four animal figures is a plaster relief of the Veil of Veronica. The relief was created by the sculptor Arnold Hensler from Wiesbaden. At the western and the eastern side of the bell steeple are each with a turret clock without cyphers. On property are in addition the 1957 established kindergarten, a parsonage building with a parish office and dwellings, a building with group and club areas, as well as a football pitch used by young people. The parish kindergarten of St. Josef was expanded in 2011 by another building in the former parish court on Ortenberger Straße.