Synonyms for premastering or Related words with premastering

prepress              reediting              platemaking              preformatting              postpress              idvd              unformatting              mixdown              mastering              postproduction              icfes              melodyne              headswap              pulstec              nipkov              soundbooth              discjet              rerecordable              getcapability              snapclone              avchd              processthe              rspm              remastering              surgifrac              ectrophotographic              statuscmd              microreplication              sioplas              capsulization              defrag              chaptering              multitrack              rollforming              postprocessing              postprocessors              cutedge              workingstep              muct              quvis              playtesting              sysprep              imagesmart              unarchiving              interverterbral              chamfercut              defragments              microforming              fineblanking              lathing             

Examples of "premastering"
Based in San Anselmo California, Sonic Studio, LLC continues to manufacture products that address the needs of the world’s most discriminating audio professionals with powerful PCM and DSD origination, editing and processing capabilities, and integrated premastering for both CD, SACD and rich media distribution. Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE noise and distortion reduction tools and streamlined workflow have allowed the product lines to remain at the forefront of restoration for DVD post–production and archival re–release.
All CDs are pressed from a digital data source, with the most common sources being low error-rate CD-Rs or files from an attached computer hard drive containing the finished data (e. g., music or computer data). Some CD pressing systems can use digital master tapes, either in Digital Audio Tape, Exabyte or Umatic formats. However such sources are suitable only for production of audio CDs due to error detection and correction issues. If the source is not a CD, the table of contents for the CD to be pressed must also be prepared and stored on the tape or hard drive. In all cases except CD-R sources, the tape must be uploaded to a media mastering system to create the TOC (Table Of Contents) for the CD. Creative processing of the mixed audio recordings often occurs in conventional premastering sessions. The nickname often used for this is "mastering," but the official name, as explained in Bob Katz book, "Mastering Audio", edition 1, page 18, is premastering. After all, there still has to be the creation of another disc which has the premastered audio but which supplies the surface on which the metal master will be electroformed. So, there still needs to be the grandmother disc before the master stamper can be formed atop.