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envers              pleurer              voyou              regarde              mieux              faites              raconte              enfin              celui              avait              vrai              tourne              vendre              propre              clandestin              autrement              toute              appartient              annees              musicien              desir              sauver              papiers              vouloir              avaient              mauvaise              partout              comprendre              mourir              captif              entretien              oubli              dessus              flammes              donc              magnifique              meurtres              portugais              peuvent              votre              lortac              journaliste              foule              pleins              revient              victime              vraiment              courtes              aussi              soeur             

Examples of "prend"
Élie performed his show "Élie Semoun se prend pour qui?" for the last time on June 16, 2007 in Doué-la-Fontaine at the Festival d'Anjou.
Robert Vernay has directed the cinematographic adaptation of "Monsieur Suzuki prend la mouche" in 1960 under the title: "" with Jean Thielment, Ivan Desny, Pierre Dudan and Claude Farell.
In May 2007, he released the provocative and humorous song "Ce soir... tu vas prendre" online and gained big fame and was invited to appear on "Dating" spot on "Le Grand Journal" on Canal +. He left in October 2007, to concentrate on his one-man shows between 2007 and 2009 including a long French tour "Max prend..." and in the provinces under the title "Max prend la route" starting January 2008.
The first five notes of the song are similar to the beginning of a French song named "Colin Prend Sa Hotte" (1719), which in turn resembles note for note an Algerian or Arabic song titled "Kradoutja".
She had her debut single "Prend le chien" at age 14. It was written by her brother Adamo. She followed courses in drawing and took part in a comedy production at Théatre de l'Ancre in Charleroi, where she interpreted Kataeiv's "Je veux voir Moscou". She also followed dramatic arts courses at the "Royal Conservatory of Brussels".
In 1963 when he was 17, he became an assistant director, then an actor in movies. He played alongside famous actors such as Michèle Morgan in "Dis-moi qui tuer" (1965) by Etienne Perier and in "OSS 117 prend des vacances" (1970) by Pierre Kalfon.
Preng, son of Prend and Mrí Doçi, was born in Paraspor neighborhood of Bulgër, a village near Lezha, back then Ottoman Empire, and today's Rubik, Mirditë municipality. on 25 February 1846. He finished the high school in Shkodër, in 1859 he entered the recently opened Albanian Pontifical Seminary (), and later studied in Rome in the Propaganda Fide College.
Le Saint prend l'affût () is a French adventure drama film from 1966. It was directed by Christian-Jaque, written by Jean Ferry, starring Jean Marais and Raffaella Carrà. The film was known under the title "The Saint Lies in Wait" (USA), ' (Italy), ' (West Germany), "" (Portugal). During the making of the film, the stunt arranger Gil Delamare was killed.
During the rest of the 1970s Gauthier devoted himself to music, starting with a series of performances at the Outremont Theatre in 1975. He performed at the Festival of French Song in Strasbourg (France) in 1977. His next album, "Ça Prend des Racines" (1977) — Presqu'île PE-7506 was successful but his singing career slowed down in the following years.
La multiplication des esclaves, fait de ces hommes une véritable marchandise, peu coûteuse, dont on ne prend pas soin et que l’on fait travailler très dur pour lutter contre la crise. Ceci entraînera des révoltes d’esclaves (en particulier en –196, -186 et –139, cette révolte durera 6 ans).
From February 1793 her commander was Captain William Afleck, who served briefly in the North Sea, achieving success against French privateers in the region. On 12 February 1793 he captured the "Sans Peur", followed by the "Prend Tout" on 21 February. Afleck left Britain bound for the Leeward Islands on 18 March 1793.
« Cette province prend son commencement au fleuve Guarga du côté du Midy et de celui de tramontane se termine à la mer océane; devers ponant confine avec les marets d'Azgar et de la partie du levant aux montagnes, qui sont sur le détroit des colonnes d'Hercule, ayant de longueur cent mille et octante en largeur. »
The first migration to Zadar was mentioned in March 23, 1726, when first arrivals who numbered around 56 individuals, and afterwards another 28 families, were temporarily settled in Kaštel Novi, today Herceg Novi. It is considered that they arrived in Zadar in the summer, in July. The group was guided by two brothers of the Pretani family, and the following people are mentioned: Luca d'Andrea Gezghenovich, Nicolo di Luca Marghicevich, Nicolo d'Andrea Gasparovich, Giovanni d'Andrea Gezghenovich, Pere di Marco, Prem Vuca Marghicevich, Paolo Giech Marghicevich, Giech Prend Marghicevich, Giech Pepa Marghicevich, Marco Discialo Marghicevich, Prenz Prema Marghicevich, Petar Vuca Gianova, Nico Matessich, Luca Prend, Boso Nico Smira, Stanica Gielencovich, Visco Gielencovich, Lech Pero Marghicevich i Luca Lucich.
Semoun went back on stage with a one-man show, "Élie and Semoun". He supported Bertrand Delanoë during Paris's municipal elections of 2001 and Lionel Jospin during the presidential election of 2002. In 2003, he released an album of French songs called simply "Chansons". In early 2005, he performed in a show (co-authored with Franck Dubosc and Muriel Robin entitled "Élie Semoun se prend pour qui?"
The river's source is found at the top of Kerchouan, a shale geological feature located in the commune of La Harmoye. Il prend sa source à la cime de Kerchouan, un relief schisteux situé sur la commune de La Harmoye. Much of the water is from rainfall, however, it is also influenced by a dam in La Méaugon, which collects potable water for the nearby city of Saint-Brieuc. This dam siphons off 86% of the surface of the basin.
In 2015 after winning seveal awards, Dynastie returned working to studios and focusing on his new music. Produced by DJ Kriss, Prend soin d'elle was released on May 30, 2015 and became the first single from the album. Dynastie through the video concept, honored the good willing of catering women and to taking care of daily . To support this move, Dynastie also paid tribute to the famous Sam Fan Thomas's "Makassi dance" . The video was directed by Mr Adrenalyne and world exclusive premier on the Jambo show of the 23 May 2015 and YouTube on May 30, 2015.
His third album, "Histoires d'hommes", was published in 1991 and included songs likes "Je l'aime encore", chosen Song of the Year by Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) and "Et mon cœur en prend plein la gueule", later sung by Isabelle Boulay. In 1992 and 1993, he toured the province first under the Réseau des Organisateurs de Spectacles de l'Est du Québec (ROSEQ) and then as a producer himself. He composed the music and the theme song for the inauguration of the newly restored Capitole de Québec in 1992.
OSS 117 takes a vacation/Hot Holidays for OSS 117/OSS 117 prend des vacances is a French/Brazilian international co-production 1970 spy film directed by Pierre Kalfon who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. It starred Luc Merenda, Edwige Feuillère and Elsa Martinelli. The film is one of the OSS 117 series of films, and was based on the 1968 novel "Vacances Pour OSS 117" by Josette Bruce the widow of Jean Bruce who also co-wrote the film. The film was shot in Guarujá.
The confusion was enhanced in 1805, when the French playwright and historian François Raynouard made claims that Jerusalem had been captured by the Mongols, with Molay in command of one of the Mongol divisions. ""In 1299, the Grand-Master was with his knights at the recapture of Jerusalem."" This story of wishful thinking was so popular in France that in 1846 a large-scale painting was created by Claude Jacquand, titled "Molay Prend Jerusalem, 1299" ("Molay Takes Jerusalem, 1299"), which depicts the supposed event. Today the painting hangs in the Hall of the Crusades in the French national museum of Versailles.
DeShaime also gave concerts and classes and acted as the spokesperson of the "Rencontres internationales de la chanson au Mont Orford" and at the Festival en chansons de Petite-Vallée. In 1993, Isabelle Boulay won the "Truffe d'Or" and a festival in Périgueux with the song "Les canards" (later named "Il fallait pas"). They worked together to record her first album Fallait Pas, a selection of covers ("Un peu d'innocence", "T'es en amour", "Qu'ils s'envolent", "Et mon cœur en prend plein la gueule", "Il fallait pas") and new songs ("La Vie devant toi", "J'enrage", "Sur le tapis vert", "Pour demain, pour hier", "Un monde à refaire") all by DeShaime.