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"Nymphaea candida" J. Presl is sometimes considered a subspecies of "N. alba" ("N. alba" L. subsp. "candida" (J. Presl) Korsh.).
The plant was originally discovered and described by J. Presl and C Presl. in 1882. The taxonomic status of this species is unknown.
Karel Bořivoj Presl (17 February 1794 – 2 October 1852) was a Czech botanist.
Jan Svatopluk Presl (4 September 1791 – 6 April 1849) was a Bohemian natural scientist.
81. Panigrahi, G. (1992a) Colysis Presl vis-a-vis Paraleptochilus Copel. (Polypodiaceae). 79th Session, Indian Sci. Cong. Abstracts.
He graduated from medical school in 1804, after which he practiced medicine and devoted much of his time to botany and natural history. He eventually abandoned regular medical practice and travelled throughout Europe, the Middle East and Brazil. He co-authored several research papers with brother botanists Carl Borivoj Presl and Jan Svatopluk Presl, including an important taxonomic work, "O Prirozenosti Rostlin".
Nymphaea candida J. Presl is a species of aquatic perennial herbaceous plants in the genus "Nymphaea" native to quiet freshwater habitats in Eurasia, it is in flower from July to August. It is sometimes treated as a subspecies of "N. alba" ("N. alba" L. subsp. "candida" (J. Presl) Korsh.)
54. Panigrahi, G. and Das, Anjali (1982) Taxonomic studies on Microlepia Presl (Dennstaedtiaceae) in India – I. Proc. 69th Ind. Sci. Cong. Part III, Abstracts: 70.
Antonín Presl (born 6 August 1988) is a Czech football player who currently plays for Táborsko in the Czech 2. Liga.
Jan Svatopluk Presl (1791–1849), an all-round natural scientist, proposed a new Czech nomenclature and terminology in the books "Lučba čili chemie zkusná" (1828–35) and "Nerostopis" (1837). Presl had invented Czech neologisms for most of the then known chemical elements; ten of these including "vodík" - hydrogen, "kyslík" - oxygen, "uhlík" - carbon, "dusík" - nitrogen and "křemík" - silicon has entered into the language. Presl also created naming conventions for oxides where the electronegative component of the compound became the noun, and the electropositive component became an adjective. The adjectives were associated with a suffix, according to valence number of the component they represented (originally there were five suffices: "-ný, -natý, -itý, -ový, -elý", later expanded to eight by Vojtěch Šafařík: "-ný, -natý, -itý, -ičitý, -ičný" and "-ečný, -ový, -istý, -ičelý"). Salts were identified by the suffix "-an" added to the noun. Many of the terms created by Presl derive from the Latin, German or Russian; only some had succeeded and stayed in use.
The genus was first described by Carl Borivoj Presl in 1836, separating it from "Pteris" "sensu" Bory. He named it "Haplopteris", from the Greek words for "simple" and "fern", in token of the simple fronds typical of the genus. He placed it in tribe Adiantaceae rather than Vittariaceae, although he recognized the similarity of the venation to "Vittaria". Presl transferred Bory's "Pteris scolopendrina" to the genus as the type species.
Bathysa is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It was described by Carl Borivoj Presl in 1845. The genus is found from Venezuela south to Brazil and Bolivia.
He was the taxonomic authority of numerous plant species, and the creator of many sets of exsiccatae. In 1830 Carl Borivoj Presl named the genus "Opizia" in his honor.
71. Singh, S. and Panigrahi, G. (1987a) Notes on two species of Loxogramme Presl (Pteridophyta) in the Eastern Himalayas. Bull. Bot. Surv. Ind., 27(1-4): 252-254; pl. 1; figs. 1-7. (1985).
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Although similar in appearance to "Hibiscus", "Kosteletzkya" typically bears more flattened capsules that dehisce loculicidally. The genus was separated from "Hibiscus" in 1835 by Carl Borivoj Presl, who named it after Vincenz Franz Kosteletzky (1801-1887).
His older brother Jan Svatopluk Presl was also a noted botanist; the journal "Preslia" of the Czech Botanical Society is named in their honor. The botanical genera "Preslaea" (family Boraginaceae) and "Preslia" (family Lamiaceae) are dedicated to the two brothers.
"Potamogeton" × "angustifolius" was first described by the Czech botanist Jan Svatopluk Presl in 1821. The species name means 'narrow-leaved'. Until recently the synonym "P". x "zizii" was widely used and is likely to be encountered in the literature.
The species was originally described by Gustav Kunze in 1834 as "Cheilanthes paralellogramma". Presl transferred it to the genus "Hypolepis" in 1836. Schwartzburd and Prado designated a Peruvian collection by Poeppig made in 1829 as the lectotype in 2016.
In 1980, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) researcher DA Vaughan documented six populations of Oryza minuta Presl. - a wild rice species known to be resistant to bacterial blight, bacterial blast, green planthopper, and brown planthopper - along a stream which is a tributary of the Pangil river.