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agence              courrier              parisien              observateur              mediapart              tageblatt              sueddeutsche              devoir              zeitung              diplomatique              nouvelliste              medicale              moniteur              volkskrant              quotidienne              cahiers              libertaire              octobre              ecrivains              hebdomadaire              quotidien              weltwoche              anzeigers              entretien              anthologie              actualite              lettre              monde              agentur              actuelles              matin              chronique              contemporaine              modernes              agriculteurs              cahier              bibliographie              inrockuptibles              journalisten              rundschau              allemagne              estampe              juillet              jeudi              tagblatt              lgdj              nationales              telegraaf              photographie              etudiant             

Examples of "presse"
NewsML-G2 is used by several large international news agencies, including Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, Austria Presse Agentur, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Thomson Reuters, and others.
Milan Presse is a publishing company based in Toulouse, France, that has been owned by Bayard Presse since 2004.
The Nord Vaudois-Broye and Riviera-Chablais editions replaced the newspapers "La Presse Riviera-Chablais" and "La Presse Nord Vaudois".
Many works from other printing collections such as the Acorn Press, Bremer Presse, Cranach Presse, Doves Press, Edition Tiessen, Ernst Engel Presse (to name a few), are in the collection of the museum.
Freie Presse ('Free Press') was a German-language daily newspaper published in Alsace. It was published as "Freie Presse für Elsass-Lothringen" between 1898 and 1918, and as "Freie Presse/La Presse Libre" 1919-1939 and 1944-1960. The newspaper, edited by Jacques Peirotes, was one of the most constitently pro-French newspapers of Alsace.
In 2013, "La Presse" launched "La Presse+", an all-new free digital edition for iPad that redefines the way users get their information.
After the creation of "Acadie Presse Inc.", a commercial printer, in 1988, the newspaper has been printed in Caraquet. "L'Acadie Nouvelle" and "Acadie Presse Inc." merged in 2002.
In the Netherlands, ANP represents the news agencies Agence France-Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA), EFE (Spain) and Belga (Belgium).
"Sphärenklang". Dramatic Poem. Eremiten-Presse, Düsseldorf 1999
Banater Arbeiter-Presse ('Banat Workers Press') was a German language socialist newspaper published from Jimbolia, Romania between 1925 and 1927. The first issue of "Banater Arbeiter-Presse" was published on July 3, 1925. The newspaper was published weekly. "Banater Arbeiter-Presse" was an organ of the Banat Socialist Party. "Banater Arbeiter-Presse" was of great help for the socialist movement in Jimbolia, helping the party to win the local elections of 1926.
In 1848, when censorship was lifted in Austria, he returned to Vienna and founded "Die Presse", a daily newspaper which still exists today (though after several interruptions). The paper was modeled on Émile de Girardin's "La Presse" and introduced many of the same popularizing journalistic techniques, notably a low price (supported by volume and advertising), serials and short, easily understood paragraphs. In 1864, a dispute led two key journalists to leave "the Press" and found "The New Free Presse' (Neue Freie Presse). (The latter is sometimes erroneously given as the name of Zang's own paper.) The original "Die Presse" was soon known as "The Old Press" and in 1867 Zang sold it.
- idem, « séduction de l’architecture » presse release, galerie Frank, Paris, 2004
Wo ist Presse, wo ist Rummel, wo wird immer diskutiert?
The Palestinian newspaper, "La Presse Palestinienne", reported the following:
1988: "La Presse" newspaper's personality of the week
French speaking countries : CEDROM-SNI/Europresse, L'Argus de la Presse
"Wie in Salomons Garten". Poems. Eremiten-Presse, Düsseldorf 1981
A news agency, Agence Comores Presse, is based in Moroni.
"La presse du Cameroun", n° 2371, Thursday 20 March 1958
- Square Victoria Communications Group Inc., Gesca ltée, La Presse, ltée.